New Recipes: Thai Chickpea Almond Curry, Tempeh Tickle, and Whole-Grain Chia Pancakes

No pumpkin today! 😉 I am moving on to some other recipes – some very comforting, deliciously satisfying dishes to ‘chasse’ your cooking diva through the holidays into winter!

First, a very easy one-pot dish.  All the ingredients for this Thai Chickpea Almond Curry (RECIpage link) are assembled in the casserole dish, then into the oven while you put your feet up (yeah, yeah, in our dreams).  The flavors are full-bodied and rich and irresistible.  This is perfect with a brown basmati or short grain rice, or with another grain like quinoa.  Or, try letting it cool slightly and adding it to a collard wrap with some grains (or maybe just all on its own).  Recipe is from Let Them Eat Vegan.

Next, another LTEV recipe to convince you to try (and LOVE!) tempeh: Tempeh Tickle (RECIpage link).  This takes all of about ten minutes to prep (you can get the marinade together while the tempeh simmers).  The slices of tempeh beautifully absorb the marinade, and become a perfect main or side dish for dinner – or chilled for sandwiches during the week.  You may want to double this recipe!

Finally, for your Thanksgiving weekend or any other lazy weekend morning (again, who am I kidding?): Whole-Grain Chia Pancakes (RECIpage LINK).  This recipe is also getting plenty of rave reviews, because the pancakes are fluffy and light and tender – not what you might expect from a whole-grain “crunchy granola” pancake recipe!  And, another great way to add some chia seeds in your diet.  These are also featured in LTEV.

Whole-Grain Chia Pancakes, photo credit: Hannah Kaminsky

So guys, I may not be back with another post this week – we’ll see.  I am in the throes of planning an at-home birthday party for one of girls this week, as you mamas know, that is a bit of an all-consuming task!  For sure I’ll be back with some Thanksgiving ideas for those of you gearing up for your big holiday weekend.

A few other tidbits to mention…

I have freshened up my Chickpea Ratatouille photo:

Funny, Gena and I must have been on a recipe wavelength last week… because as I was getting ready to post this new photo to encourage you all to try this dish, she also posted about using this Chickpea Ratatouille atop zucchini noodles.  Such a fresh and innovative take on my recipe! Thank you for sharing it with your readers Gena! xo

Also, Heather Nauta recently posted a cooking video of my “Romesc-oat” Sauce.  She also hosted a giveaway of Let Them Eat Vegan (hopefully you got a chance to enter – if not, please follow my facebook page by “liking”, I post all of these updates on facebook).  And, Angela from Oh She Glows has organized a Hurricane Sandy disaster fundraiser – with the chance to win a couple of incredible prizes – she has already raised over $3000!  Wonderful, admirable effort, Angela.

Finally, a sneak peek of what’s to come… a hearty, earthy, smoky Black Bean Soup with Sweet Potatoes

p.s. On the topic of kiddo birthday parties – anyone have some great suggestions for games?  So far we have: pass-the-parcel (classic!), freeze dance (another classic), pop the balloon, ‘memorize the tray’ game, and possibly… “pass the orange”.  Any other easy-game ideas?


    • Dreena says

      Omgosh, Gary, that is HILARIOUS. No one has coined that before… thank you, love it. (and may I use it?) 😉

  1. says


    I’m going to mirror everyone’s comments and also say how much I LOVE the thai chickpea almond curry. I also love the ratatouille. There’s something about those one dish meals that you pop into the oven that appeal to me…besides just the flavor!

    I haven’t tried the chia pancakes yet. We’ve been a bit of a broken record, making the blueberry chocolate drop pancakes. I will be giving these a try though. And I do love a good soup! I make soup at least once a week. It’s a great way to add tons of veggies and encourage my littles to try veggies they don’t usually like (so they say…)

    As far as party games go, my boys love a good treasure hunt. It’s fabulous if you can do them outside, but inside is fun too. I will tell them the area of play and give them the first clue which leads them to the next, and so on. Sometimes there’s a small prize at the end, but not always.

    Have fun and happy birthday to your girl!!

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    • Dreena says

      Oh, thank you Christine – I knew that dish was popular, and now I’m realizing it’s even more than I thought!! Funny, I’m certain the photo has encouraged folks to make it – wish I had photos in the book for EVERY recipe!! I wasn’t expecting our girls to really like this black bean soup – it has some of the usual offenders: onions, bell peppers, whole cumin…. BUT, I puree the soup and then add back in some whole beans and then the potatoes. They don’t know those villains are in there, and they love this soup like crazy! It’s so bizarre. I add an avocado cream to the top as well (or some quick guac), and well – that seals the deal. :)

      I have NEVER planned a treasure hunt. I’m nervous that I could pull it off well, but you have me thinking. There’s going to be a lot of squealing whatever I plan, lol!

  2. says

    The Thai chick pea almond curry is the recipe that won me over!! best recipe ever… !!!

    As for bday party games…. i LOVE planning parties!!! Every year we have a bday (April) AND a halloween party (October).
    One game that the kids really enjoy is the left right story. If you google it, you will find plenty of examples! Basically there is a gift, and you read a story. Every time you say right, the gift is passed to the right, everytime you say left, it goes left.

    We had a “sweep the balloon” game where i set up an obstacle course and the kids had to use a broom and sweep the balloon to the other side.

    We played pass the lifesaver, kids were in teams of 5 and they each had a toothpick. They had to pass the lifesaver from toothpick to toothpick one after the other and drop it in a can. The first team to get 5 in the can won (this can me done with anything round with a hole in it.

    The trick that worked best for the group I had was to keep them busy non stop so they didn’t have time to trash my house! LOL

    oh … making goo one year was a big hit!! i hid some borax in small test tubes, one for each kid, and they did a treasure hunt to find them. Once they found them, they sat down at the table and i had some Ziploc containers for each child so that once done, they could take it home. Just email me if you want the exact details about that one! :) they LOVED it though…!!

    • Dreena says

      Jenn, you wanna just come over??? I need you as my party planner, haha! These are great ideas, I will google the left-right game, and YES, it’s about keeping them busy – so true!! We are having a ‘dance’ theme, so we’ll prob have a few freeze dances and maybe a musical chair game. Love these ideas – if it’s nice outside I might be able to do the balloon game too. (It’s been SO rainy)! Thanks – and oh, also for the note about the curry, love to hear that. 😀

  3. Jane says

    Seriously Dreena, how long do you think we can wait for the Black Bean with Sweet Potato Soup??!!!!

    I am feeling hungry just looking at it and I only just ate dinner!
    I too am on a daughter birthday mission, but mine only involves a polite request for your triple layer choc cake….this is about as much as I can manage at the moment!

    But I know that she would LOVE the Soup! So please post soon!!!!! Thanks for all your yummo stuff..

  4. Robin says

    A friend of mine just did “a minute to win it” party. It sounded like lots of fun. Have you ever seen that show?

    • Dreena says

      no, I haven’t Robin… I’ll google – something that can be replicated for a bday party?? Sounds fun, let me know more about how your friend pulled it off if you can!

  5. Carla says

    Your thai chickpea almond curry is one of the best things I’ve EVER made… EVER…! It is so delicious, and I was never even a fan of chickpeas! (turns out I LOVE chickpeas when baked in a creamy almond sauce!). It’s now a once a week menu staple. And LTEV is my go-to recipe book! Thanks :)

    • Dreena says

      <3! thank you Carla, that is a delight to read – and to think just one simple sauce could have so much chickpea influence?? ;) That is TERRIFIC, thank you so much for sharing that – means a lot.

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