Product Review: YogaEarth’s Keen-Wah Decadence Bars

Once in a while a new food find is particularly exciting.  No surprise this particular find is chocolate-related. ;)

These new line of superfood “Keen-Wah Decadence” bars by are crazy-good!  Made with high-quality, whole-food ingredients, you will be surprised that they do taste decadent as promised!

There are three flavors of these vegan, organic, gluten-free bars: Chocolate Chia, Coconut Almond, and Cayenne Cinnamon.  The ingredients include quinoa, almond butter, dark chocolate, and coconut nectar.  Each bar has a dark chocolate coating… which for me, takes a snack bar from “tasty” to “treat”!


YogaEarth stands by their product with other admirable corporate initiatives, including using eco-friendly packaging, and donating 1% of all product sales to women micro-entrepreneurs in countries where YogaEarth sources its ingredient (ex: quinoa from Peru).  And, all ingredients in their bars are selected to ensure 100% organic, sustainable, and fair-trade practices.

I know many of my Canadian readers will want to know if these bars are available in stores here.  Currently they are not.  But, you can order online.  (I will be – I received six sample bars, and after trying them I have to order more!)  Also, YogaEarth offer a ‘Subscribe and Save” program where you can sign up to get regular delivery of the bars (once a month, once every two months or once every three months) and save 15%, 10%, or 5% respectively. So, maybe get a sample pack first, see if you like love them, and go from there!  And, for US readers, you can find local retailers here.

And, today my plant-powered buddies, you have the chance to win a BOX of Keen-Wah Decadence bars all to yourself! (Or, try to share them with your family.) ;)

The winner can choose the 12 bars of the same flavor – or a mixed box of 4 bars of each flavor.  To enter, visit YogaEarth’s site and come back to comment on this post – tell us what other YogaEarth product you would love to try, and which flavor of Keen-Wah bar is most exciting to you!  One comment per person, contest open only to residents of the US and Canada.  Contest closes 12 pm PST, Friday August 17.  I will announce the winner on my facebook page.

Good luck! :D

106 Responses to Product Review: YogaEarth’s Keen-Wah Decadence Bars

  1. Marieke says:

    They look soooo good!
    Unfortunately for 1 sample pack at $2.95 the shipping costs to Canada are $12.95 !!!!
    I guess I’ll wait ’til they make their way to stores in Canada :(
    Do you have any recipes Dreena that come slightly close to these bars? Gotta fill my boys’ lunch boxes again soon! Thanks!

    • Dreena says:

      ouch! That is pricey Marieke. We have a US mailbox and so shipping less expensive than coming through Canada. Still, I’d also love the convenience of seeing these in stores here!

  2. Sarah Bennett says:

    I would love to try the chocolate covered gojis! And the flavour that excites me the most is Coconut Almond!!!

  3. Liz says:

    Uh, first of all, the food — coconut almond, thankyouverymuch. :) Second, that coconut water powder sounds ridiculously interesting. I’d love to get my hands on that.

  4. The Facial Earth Mask looks great. It must smell amazing – I’d love to sit with that on my face for a little while, I bet it’s really relaxing.

    As for the bars, Chocolate Chia would be my pick! They all look scrumptious, but I’d have to go with that one.
    That’s the first video of yours that I’ve watched, actually. I enjoyed it. You have a very pleasant voice to listen to.

  5. Gayle P says:

    I want to try them all but the chocolate almond would be a great start. And those chocolate covered goji look YUM!!

  6. Austin Rideout (@AustinRideout) says:

    Winning would be nice but being introduced to new products (or new products to me) is always the beneficial part!

    If it wasn’t sold out, I would the Hydrating Beauty Kit! That water bottle looks awesome and being that I am always cycling, coconut water is beneficial! Plus, free yoga classes, how can you lose!

    Promise not to say beneficial again…oops! :) I would have to go with the Keen-Wah Decadence: Chocolate Chia bars because I am a total sucker for chocolate. I did, however, make raw carob brownies this morning, so my chocolate option for the day is still open! ;)

    Cheers! :)

  7. Erin M says:

    Mmm, I’d love to try the Art of Tea Pomegranate Green Tea. You can never have too much pomegranate!

  8. Melanie says:

    I’d love to try their Meridian Trail Mix. Being a busy mother of 3, I need a pick me up, around mid-day. This sounds like just the ticket! As for their bars, Cayenne Cinnamon sounds delightful. I like a little kick in my treats!

  9. Tiffany says:

    I love anything chocolate so I would like to try the chocolate chia!

  10. Chris says:

    The cayenne cinnamon bar sounds interesting. I wish they would post the Nutrition Facts on their website. I’m used to Cliff bars which are slightly larger than the Keen-Wah.

  11. Kirsty says:

    I’d love to try cayenne cinnamon. And the coconut water packs also look great.

  12. Robin says:

    The chocolate chia bars sound great! And I love the wellness kits!

  13. Becky Lennon says:

    The Meridian trail mix sounds great! And the chocolate chia bar sounds amazing.

  14. Livvy Z says:

    These sound so good! I can’t wait to try them. Chocolate Chia would be my first choice. The Meridian Trail Mix sounds awesome. Great video, btw!

  15. Eric says:

    The cayenne cinnamon bar sounds delicious, as does the vegan jerky.

  16. Billie Jean says:

    The Chocolate covered goji berries! And I think I would love either the chocolate chia or coconut almond! :)

  17. Char says:

    Chocolate covered goji berries sounds delicious!

  18. Allison Chambers says:

    Definitely the chocolate chia bars! At least if I’m going to eat a chocolate bar it will be healthy :)

  19. Miriam Pilgrim says:

    I would love to try the chocolate gojis–two of my favorite things, chocolate and goji berries. I would also love to try the Kee-wah Chocolate Chia decadence bars–chocolate is yummy and chia, so good for you!

  20. liz martin says:

    Thanks for the great tip on these bars! I would love to try the Chocolate Chia and as far as another product I would love to try the chocolate goji berries!

  21. liz martin says:

    I would love to try the Chocolate Chia bar! And the chocolate covered goji berries are the other product that I would love to try from YogaEarth’s site!! Thanks for the tip ~ I’m always looking for healthy bars to test out!

  22. Courtney says:

    The coconut almond bar would be my first pick to try, and their skin product line sounds great – the replenish facial mosturizer especially!

  23. Courtney says:

    I would love to try the mango from the super foods section on their site. Yum! Also, I think the chocolate chia bar sounds delish :-)

  24. jess says:

    i’m 25 weeks & craving chocolate something fierce, so i’d have to say the chocolate-chia bar is calling my name! and if i had my pick from the rest of the yoga earth site i think i’d splurge on the shaffali orange oil moisturizer.

  25. Sarah says:

    Chocolate covered goji berries!!

  26. Jessica says:

    I’d like to try the mulberries. And although all the keen-wah bars sound divine, I would probably try the coconut almond first!

  27. Kim K. says:

    As a runner, I think I’d like to give their coconut water a try. And I DEFINITELY would want a box of the Cayenne Cinnamon Keen-Wah bars!

  28. Sara says:

    Chocolate gogi berries sound really good. I would like to try the cayenne cinnamon bar.

  29. Maren says:

    I like the sound of their Mediterranean Trial Mix, but all their products appeal to me! The coconut almond flavor is my pick. Thanks for info on this new product!

  30. bitt says:

    chocolate chia and the chocolate gojis! pretty much anything from their company looks good though.

  31. debbie says:

    The YogaEarth product that I would love to try is the vegan jerky. I haven’t had jerky in so long, it would be fun to eat! and, the Keen-Wah bar that sounds the must YUM is the organic chocolate chia. Thanks for the chance to win. And, thanks for your blog. Love it!

  32. S. Mora says:

    the anti-aging facial cream looks interesting on the website. I’m definitely most interested in the chocolate chia bar!

  33. Jenna Z says:

    oooh, yummy! The Organic Chocolate-Covered Goji Berries sound awesome, I LOVE goji berries, I kind of think they have a chocolatey taste on their own.

  34. Christine says:

    It’s like those keen-wah bars were made especially for me! I want all three. I would also LOVE to try the chocolate covered goji berries! YUM!

  35. Faith says:

    The cayenne cinnamon sounds yummy! Great ingredients, too!

  36. Marlene N says:

    I would love to try the chocolate goji berries. I love the chocolate chia bars. I tried the bars a few days ago and I agree that they are crazy good! Hopefully you will come up with a home-made version to share since they are a little pricey…

  37. Tracy says:

    The Cayenne Cinnamon sounds very intriguing! I’d love to try it!

  38. Blake says:

    Cayenne cinnamon sounds really good to me. I would love to try YogaEarth’s superfoods Eco-packs – I need to eat more Goji Berries! :-)

  39. Elsa says:

    I would love to try the Tridosha Ayurveda Tea.. Chocolate Chia sounds amaazzzing :))

  40. Stacy Braxton says:

    My chocolate radar zoomed in on the Chocolate Covered Goji Berries almost immediately. And the Chocolate Chia bars look incredible.

  41. Sherrin says:

    The cayenne sounds like a hit to me.

  42. Daria says:

    Oh my it’s funny because healthyvegan just recently reviewed on this one too! Coconut almond sounds amazing!!

  43. Karin Thomas says:

    The face & body products on Yoga Earth look amazing! I’d love to try them all. Thanks for sharing this website with us. As for the bars, they had me at Coconut Almond, although if I won i’d pick the mixed box because I really want to try them all. And I’m sure my husband does too!
    Thanks for the great recommendation Dreena! :)

  44. Mina says:

    I would lobe to try to chocolate goji berries and the chocolate chia bar!

  45. Karen says:

    Would love to try chocolate goji berries! Also, would opt for the mixed pack of Decadence bars.

  46. Rachel S says:

    I really like the sound of their Brazilian pineapple-mint facial exfoliant – I bet that feels awesome. All the bars sound good to me but in particular the cinnamon cayenne; I love cinnamon.

  47. Katie Gibbs says:

    Wow, those look delicious! Both the coconut almond and the chocolate chia sound amazing. I’d also love to try the chocolate gogi berries!

  48. KATHY says:

    I’d love to try YogaEarth’s facial moisturizer and the Cayenne Cinnamon Decadence bar sounds like it would be a great pop of flavors although I think I’d have to try the sample pack so I could try them all! Yummy!

  49. Sooze says:

    I’m intrigued by the PURITY powdered coconut water. As for the Keen-Wah bars, I’m leaning toward the Coconut Almond flavor — sounds delish!

  50. I’d love to try the Meridian trail mix and the cayenne cinnamon Keen-Wah bar sounds intriguing!

  51. nik says:

    Cayenne Cinnamon would be supercool…fiber and protein and all that yummy goodness! I’d also love to try their Organic Raw Cashews…maybe whiz up a little cashew butter-fest! Cheers!

  52. martie says:

    I’d like to try the chocolate chia bars- and the mango lavender body scrub!

  53. Melissa Frost says:

    I am so glad I found your website! I think the chocolate chia sounds divine! And I would LOVE to try their Replenish: Facial Moisture (Italian Orange Blosssom + Neem)!!! :) Thanks!

  54. Danielle says:

    Mmmm. I vote for coconut almond bars. Their Vitality, one a day drink mix, would be something I would love to try also.

  55. Chelsea says:

    The organic meridian would be the perfect study snack! and woooah quinoa and chia in chocolate – talk about a dream come true!- so chia chocolate would be my pick!

  56. Terri Cole says:

    I think Coconut Almond sounds delicious, and so do the Chocolate Goji Berries!!

  57. Emily Wundrock says:

    The Vegan Jerky sound intriguing to me.

    As for the bars, they all sound and look amazing, but I would definitely go for the cayenne cinnamon one first. Loves me some spice with my dark chocolate:-)

    Thanks for the opportunity to snarf up some of these for free!

  58. Rebekah says:

    Oh I love your videos Dreena! Those bars look delicious – chocolate covered coating is always a good idea. The cayenne cinnamon sounds like the one I’d want to try first – I love, love, LOVE cinnamon, and I also like a kick! As for the other products on the site…chocolate goji berries!

  59. Suzanne says:

    Love the name! I would love to try the facial moisturizer. The Chocolate Chia sounds yummy to me!

  60. Their Vitality drink mix supplement intrigues me…but I’d REALLY like to try the Coconut Almond bar!

  61. alain says:

    thanks for holding this giveaway! My eyes lit up when I saw the chocolate covered goji berries – 2 of my absolute favorite things! I also am most excited to try to the coconut almond flavor of bars.

  62. Carla says:

    Yum! I’d try them all, but the coconut almond would be first for me! So great to see healthy *treat* bars available :)

  63. What a fantastic giveaway!!! These Keen-Wah bars sound fab btw!! I’m having a difficult time choosing a favorite I’ll have to choose ALL of them :)) Every other product on the YogaEarth website looks great…especially the PURITY Coconut Water: Organic Coconut Water Powder individual packs. What a great idea! Thanks for doing this giveaway!! Good luck to everyone who enters!!

  64. Jessica says:

    Thank you so much for this opp! And I have to tell you I love your LTEV cookbook! Well, of course I’d love to try the chocolate bars :D But the hemp protein I’d love to try since I’ve never tried any hemp products, except for cloth diaper supplies. And I’m intrigued by the Replenish Facial Moisturizer :)

  65. Crystal says:

    Their chocolate covered goji berries look great! But I don’t think anything could look as enticing as that chocolate chia bar!

  66. Meagan says:

    Oooh! Fun :) I would love to try these!

  67. Rebecca says:

    These are very exciting! I love the idea of the organic mulberries! Yum. I also think that the facial moisturizer looks enticing — so many natural products have chamomile in them (which I’m allergic to) that this looks promising. Plus, it has neroli. Love the neroli.

    In terms of the bar, I’ll be keeping my eye open for the Chocolate Chia or the Coconut Almond (I’m also allergic to cinnamon — I know!!). They look delicious and something I could trust to be a healthy treat for my family.

  68. Rebecca Poppe says:

    I’d love to try the Hemp protein powder! The Keen-Wah bar that stands out to me is the coconut one! I can’t wait to it!

  69. Ashley says:

    I would love to try their trail mix! And for the bars that Coconut Almond sounds divine!

  70. Mary Bargteil says:

    Well, I hate to be such a copy cat but I’m going for the chocolate chia bars. But I’ve got to tell you, I’d be willing to try them all :-) if you want me to.

  71. Terry Busch says:

    The VITALITY Supplement peaks my curiosity, but the cayenne cinnamon bar sounds interesting!

  72. I would love to try the coconut almond bar. And, if I had to pick another product that looks yummy, I’d go with the chocolate goji berries!

  73. stephanie coates says:

    chocolate gojis and chocolate chia keen wah bars for me!

  74. Oohhhh, I have yet to find a hemp protein that I like, and chocolate gojis?? Yum!! The cayenne cinnamon chocolate bars sound delicious :)

  75. Rusty says:

    I’m a sucker for chocolate — so chocolate chia and chocolate-covered goji berries!

  76. Valerie says:

    The “Blue Moon Lunar Wellness Kit” cracks me up. Really though I’d like to try the Detoxify: Facial Exfoliant . And of course the bars. Straight up chocolate for me. :)

  77. Laura G. says:

    How could I chose anything but the Chocolate Chia Bars? Gotta get some!

  78. Bethany says:

    Mmm, coconut water powder or chocolate gojis…or lots of other stuff! I have got to try the Chocolate Chia and Coconut Almond, they sound amazing!!

  79. Terri says:

    I’d definitely try the vegan jerky. I LOVE mango!! The Coconut Almond bar sounds very yummy to me. :)

  80. meredith says:

    The Organic Chocolate-Covered Goji Berries sound super yummy!

  81. ellen says:

    I’d like to try the coconut almond bar… you had me at ‘chocolate coating’ and their teas do look really cool, but I might have to start with the chocolate gojis….are you sensing a theme here?! Thanks for the opportunity and for introducing me to these products!

  82. Julie Stuart says:

    The cinnamon cayenne fascinates me, as it is something different and I have been known to use a cinnamon chile rub on tofu- it is awesome! As for the other product I would most like try from that site, I would have to say the vegan jerky- I have never had it before, but have read of it on occasion. Thanks for posting this!

  83. Shannon W says:

    I definitely would like to try the coconut almond bar! I love coconut!!

  84. Marsha says:

    Ooooh their no caffeine teas look amazing! And of course the chocolate chia bars!!

  85. deb marinucci says:

    I’d love to try the chocolate gojis from the website and Chocolate Chia bar – yum!

  86. sharon whelton says:

    I would love to yet the replenish facial moisturizer. And the coconut almond is the flavor that excites me.

  87. Katie Hebert says:

    Mmm … chocolate :)

    Keen-Wah … what a smart name, I love it. At first read, I was most excited about the Coconut Almond bars, as I used to adore Almond Joys and this screams Almond joy goodness only so much better for my heart! However, the photo of the Chocolate Chia bar really made my mouth water! Looks like I am torn!! :)

    As for the beautiful Yoga Earth product … I wandered into the Gear/Accessories section and find myself thinking about ordering a couple of things … however (and this may be a very strange choice but bear with me) I am most excited about the discovery of their Stainless Steel Water bottle. I have been looking for a good one for quite some time now, they are hard to find without any plastic especially. I’m a little picky about the design as well, I just wanted something elegant. And this one is so perfect – I love the wooden lid and their logo is so beautiful as well. Very simple but beautiful. I think there might be one headed my way very soon! Thank you for sharing the link!!

  88. Amy Gavin says:

    Chocolate covered gojis— superfood yumminess. But the almond coconut Keen-wah bars sound even better. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!!

  89. veganlinda says:

    Cayenne Cinnamon sounds soooo good and different than most of the bars out there. I’d be happy to try any of them though. I can’t wait until they make it on the shelves of our local co-op.

  90. Deborah says:

    So excited about these! I was surprised to see the other products on their website. I would be interested in the coconut water as well or the other chocolate gojis. I am a sucker for chocolate! I see Walgreens carries them or you can order from their website. Yay!

  91. Renee says:

    YUM! I would love to try :)

  92. Jody says:

    YUM! I think the coconut water powder looks intriguing!

    As far as the bars go, I’m thinking cayenne cinnamon. I like a little kick.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. miranda says:

    Id really love to try those chocolate covered gojis! And if I had to pick a fav flavour – probably chocilate chia :) thanks!

  94. Stacy L says:

    Mmmmmm, chocolate gojis? Yes, please! I’m intrigued by the Cayenne Cinnamon bar because I just can’t imagine what it might taste like. Therefore I must try, lol!!

  95. Amanda P says:

    I would love to try any of their beauty products, especially the facial moisturizer. The coconut almond bar sounds yummy but I wouldn’t mind trying all flavors

  96. Kelsey Wolfe says:

    I am sure that several of YogaEarth’s products are in my near future but I am especially excited about the Vegan Jerky, aka Mango Slices. It’s something I’ve always loved coming from a company that shares my dietary views. The Keen-Wah Cayenne Cinnamon Bar sounds ridiculously delicious. Cayenne Cinnamon is a combo that just goes to show how unrestricted and tasty eating plant-based diet is!

  97. Tasha Williams says:

    I’d love to try the Superfoods Mullberries. I’ve never had them but hear mulberries are delish!
    The Cayenne Cinnamon Keen-Wah Decadence bar sounds tasty with a little kick!

  98. Audrey says:

    You had me at “dark chocolate coating”! Another Yoga Earth product I would like to try is the Chocolate Gojis. The Keen-wah bar I would most like to try is the Organic Coconut Almond. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  99. Laine says:

    I love the sound of the cayenne cinnamon bar the most. I’d also love to try YogaEarth’s goldenberries, mulberries, and vegan jerky!

  100. Cindy Badger says:

    The bars all sound good to me, so I guess I’d have to go for one of their Blue Moon Wellness Kits so I can have lots of super food :)

  101. Hi,

    First of all, I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to win that product :)

    I would also be interested in trying the Coconut Water Purity Eco-Pack. For the bar, I would definitely want to try the organic chocolate chia.

    Thanks again :)

  102. Tracie says:

    Would love to try the mulberries!

  103. Kerry Butler says:

    That Coconut Almond sounds yummy!

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