The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Review, Recipe Feature, & Giveaway

After a blogging lull, I’m back with a fresh post. I finished and submitted my manuscript for Plant-Powered Families last Friday! That’s why you haven’t heard much from me in recent months, sorry for being so absent.

I’ll share more on that another time, because today’s post is dedicated to the wonder that is… The Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon.

Oh She Glows Cookbook

I doubt there is anyone reading here that isn’t already a fan of the Oh She Glows blog. Angela is not just one of the most popular vegan food bloggers – she is one of the most popular food bloggers, period. She is dearly loved by her audience, for good reason. Her recipes are delicious, reliable, and wholesome, and she shares her food and life with an open heart.

I received a galley copy of OSG to provide a back cover quote, and even that copy was glorious. When I received the final copy, I was in awe. I’ve written four cookbooks, and none have had this presentation splendor. I’m not too proud to say that. The vegan cookery world has evolved. Expectations of plant-based cookbooks are higher, and this is a good thing. No longer is it enough to have recipes, readers want the full package of color and photographs throughout. This cookbook delivers. It is a stunning, comprehensive, glowing piece of work.

True to Angela’s work, this book provides a good variety of recipes that are easy, nutritious, and oh so delicious! And, true to Angela’s work, you will be mesmerized by the captivating food photos throughout the entire book.


Having the privilege to review and provide a quote for OSG, this is what I wrote:

If you can choose only one cookbook this year – Oh She Glows is it! Angela’s approach to vegan recipes is fresh, vibrant, and simple… and her connection to her readers honest and real. Regardless of your dietary needs or culinary expertise, Oh She Glows will become a beloved cooking resource.

About it in a nutshell. You’ll love this book, it’s a cooking resource that should be in every kitchen.


The cookbook itself is BIG! Beautifully so, broken down into these chapters:

  • my natural foods pantry
  • my favorite kitchen tools & equipment
  • breakfast
  • smoothies, juice & tea
  • appetizers
  • salads
  • soup
  • entrees
  • sides
  • power snacks
  • desserts
  • homemade staples
  • basic cooking chart

There are over 100 recipes, and they are well balanced throughout these chapters, with full-color photos for each. Every recipe, chapter intro, and tip is presented with Angela’s characteristic warmth, sincerity, and charm.


Angela generously offered a recipe reprint for this post. There are so many recipes I could have chosen! Knowing how much our kids enjoy  Vegveeta, and well, just about anything cheesy and dippy I just couldn’t resist making Angela’s Life-Affirming Warm Nacho Dip.

This dip is easy to make, and yet looks impressive. When the girls saw the final dish they said “whoa, what’s THAT?“! We all enjoyed digging in, and I quite liked the addition of spinach in the dip. You could probably add some other veggies too if you like, but it’s really quite perfect as-is. I didn’t change anything in the dip other than subbing green onions for the red onions, because they are a little milder for the girls.


When making the dip, I realized I didn’t have a cast iron casserole dish or other proper baking dish suited to this dip. (I do not have as much kitchen gear as you might expect!) I used a pie plate instead, and while it’s not the most attractive for photos, functionally it worked just fine (though it didn’t keep the dip hot for long as a cast iron dish would).


I hesitated to use my photos, because next to Angela’s they are rather elementary. But, I wanted to show you how it looked in our house, and assure you that any of you can make this dip. Even with kids running out the door to activities or hogging the kitchen table with rainbow loom production lines. ;) So, yeah, when you pin this recipe, use Angela’s photo below!

Verdict? Loved by all! We scraped the dish clean, and not very polite sharing those last spoonfuls. Whoops.

So, on to Angela’s recipe, and her photo of this delicious dip…

Life-Affirming Warm Nacho Dip from the Oh She Glows cookbook by Angela Liddon

Life-Affirming Warm Nacho Dip from The Oh She Glows Cookbook; photo credit: Angela Liddon

ReciPage link to print/pin/share

You’d never know there isn’t a lick of dairy or oil hiding in this mouthwatering hot-out-of-the-oven dip! This dish is always a crowd-pleaser. It’s best when hot, so serve it on a plate warmer or pot holder so it stays warm for as long as possible. I like to bake it in a cast-iron dish, which keeps it warm for almost an hour.

Serves 8
PREP TIME: 25 to 30 minutes, plus soaking time
COOK TIME: 25 to 30 minutes
gluten-free option, oil-free, soy-free, sugar-free, grain-free

1 cup (250 mL) raw cashews
1 cup (250 mL) peeled and chopped carrots
2 tablespoons (30 mL) nutritional yeast
2 tablespoons (30 mL) fresh lemon juice
1 large clove garlic
1 1⁄4 teaspoons (6 mL) fine-grain sea salt
3⁄4 teaspoon (4 mL) chili powder
1⁄2 teaspoon (2 mL) onion powder
1⁄4 to 1⁄2 teaspoon (1 to 2 mL) cayenne
pepper, to taste (optional)

1 cup (250 mL) chunky marinara sauce
1 cup (250 mL) finely chopped sweet onion
2 to 3 handfuls of baby spinach (about 3 ounces/85 g), roughly chopped
1⁄3 cup (75 mL) crushed corn chips or bread crumbs
1 to 2 green onions, finely sliced, for serving (optional)
Tortilla chips or Spiced Toasted Pita Chips (see page 91), for serving

1. Make the Cheese Sauce: Place the cashews in a medium bowl and add water to cover. Set aside to soak for at least 2 hours, or overnight if you have the time. Drain and rinse the soaked cashews.

2. Preheat the oven to 400°F (200°C). Lightly grease a 2-quart (2-L) cast-iron pan or casserole dish.

3. Place the carrots in a small saucepan and add water to cover. Bring the water to a boil and cook the carrots for 5 minutes, or until just fork-tender. Drain. You can also steam the carrots, if desired.

4. In a blender, combine the soaked and drained cashews, cooked carrots, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, garlic, salt, chili powder, onion powder, cayenne (if using), and 2⁄3 cup (150 mL) water and blend until silky smooth, adding a splash of extra water if needed. Pour the sauce into a large bowl.

5. Make the Dip: Stir the marinara sauce, onion, and spinach into the Cheese Sauce until fully combined. Spoon the sauce into the prepared dish and smooth out, and sprinkle the top evenly with the crushed corn chips.

6. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, uncovered, watching closely toward the end of the cooking time to make sure the corn chip topping doesn’t burn. Garnish with sliced green onion, if desired. Serve immediately with tortilla chips or Spiced Toasted Pita Chips.

7. Reheat any leftovers in the oven at 400°F (200°C) for 10 to 20 minutes, or until heated through. Store the dip in an airtight container in the fridge for 3 to 5 days.

Angela has also generously offered a giveaway of her cookbook. Enter below for a chance to win a copy of the Oh She Glows Cookbook! To enter, leave a comment telling us which Angela recipe is your all-time favorite! Contest open to residents of Canada and the U.S. Good luck! (p.s. Why wait to see if you win? Go ahead and get yourself a copy of this glorious book! If you’re the lucky winner, gift it to another – you won’t be sorry!)

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403 Responses to The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Review, Recipe Feature, & Giveaway

  1. Susan says:

    The life affirming nacho dip is absolutely amazing! Made it for a dinner party it was gone in 20 minutes, not a bit remaining.
    Will be making it again very soon… like today.

  2. jaya sathya says:

    I absolutely love Angela’s overnight oats recipe!

  3. stacey h says:

    my favorite is enchiladas with avocado cilantro topping – i make a big batch on sundays and have them for lunches all week

  4. Stephanie says:

    I make the overnight oats all the time :)

  5. Alina says:

    The Green Monster (classic) is probably my all-time favorite!

  6. Julia Hause says:

    I have made so many of Angela’s recipes that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I really loved her lentil walnut apple loaf. The glaze is so good!

  7. Monica says:

    Overnight oats

  8. Miranda says:

    Looks so delicious!

  9. Laura S says:

    The butternut squash mac & cheese is my fave, though I took her advice and used pumpkin puree, and I love it!

  10. Michelle B says:

    Vegan baked donuts, vegan chili, overnight oats, lunch bowl

  11. My fav OSG recipe lately is the Black Bean and Potato Nacho Plate. Oh yum!

  12. Jessica says:

    The Protein Power Goddess Bowl – it’s what got me into eating kale and spinach! Now I can’t live without these greens!

  13. Christine says:

    I LOVE her mushroom gravy recipe. I top EVERYTHING with it!

  14. Holley says:

    I’ve never actually made one of her recipes, but this one is definitely going on the list!

  15. Marielle says:

    Angela’s ice box chocolate pie is my favorite! The filling is incredible and quite the crowd pleaser.

  16. Lauren says:

    I love everything and would use her book every day!

  17. Stephanie says:

    Though it’s truly hard to choose, I’m obsessed with the Weekend Glow Kale salad. I make it at least once a month, if not more.

  18. Jess says:

    I love Angela’s double chocolate torte.

  19. Ava says:

    I love OSG’s Eggplant Parmesan!

  20. Taj S says:

    OSG overnight oats.

  21. Joanne M says:

    Variations of OSG Overnight Oats is a real “go-to” recipe. Have tried many of her recipes and loved them all!

  22. Annie B says:

    Love the butternut squash burritos!

  23. Britta Kallevang says:

    I love her basic chia seed pudding and the zillion variations. Angela is creative, and that inspires me.

  24. Britta Kallevang says:

    This is tough … but I’d have to say her butternut mac’n cheese casserole – with and without the cashews. She’s amazing!

  25. Laurie says:

    I love Angela’s Butternut Squash Mac ‘n Cheeze!

  26. My favorite OSG recipe is DEFINITELY her soft peanut butter cookies!

  27. Lindsay says:

    The best shredded kale salad!

  28. Emily Clark says:

    The Buddha bowl and green smoothies are my favorite!

  29. Sarah says:

    I don’t think I’ve actually tried any of the recipes yet although I’ve read her blog a few times. I tried the “oh she glows oats” in Happy Herbivore cookbook. I really want to try the super chia bread and the granola bars.

  30. Alissa says:

    There are so many of Angela’s recipes that I love such as all of her Vegan Overnight Oats, Trail Cookies, Detox Salad, Chickpea Salad, Banana Soft Serve, Eggplant Parm, Bean Balls, Green Monsters, Oat Bars too name a few! I would love to win the cookbook to try all of her amazing recipes!

  31. Kelly says:

    This looks ah-may-zing! And your photos are beautiful :)

  32. Stephanie M says:

    I need this it all looks so yummy!

  33. Sophia says:

    lightened up summer granola! I make a batch every week and eat on yogurt, ice cream, or by the handful! I like to add extra nuts and dried fruit like cherries – yum.

  34. Allison Dredge says:

    I love her scone recipe! So yummy!

  35. Shannon Ball says:

    holy vegveeta! Can;t wait to make this yumminess.

  36. Susan says:

    Easy chana masala chick peas! So easy and delicious!!!

  37. Jen says:

    Oh so hard! Her desserts are so good. Chia pudding is a breakfast staple in our house

  38. Laura says:

    The Best Shredded Kale Salad. It’s so good!

  39. Kelsey says:

    by far my favorite recipe from are the lentil walnut balls that I made for thanksgiving with the fresh cranberry sauce. even my meat loving brother and dad went back for seconds on those!

  40. Sarah says:

    I love Oh She Glows! I can thank Angela for some favorites my whole family loves. I would love more Oh She Glows recipes!!!

  41. Erica says:

    Angela’s chilled double chocolate torte fooled all the healthy-food haters in my family and made me a super star at a dinner party!
    Erica recently posted..Creamy Kale Caesar (Vegan Option)My Profile

  42. Katherine M. says:

    My all-time favourite Oh She Glows recipe is her Spiced Kale and Lentil Soup. Oh my gosh, it’s good. My go-to recipe all winter!

  43. Ashley Mauceri says:

    There are so many good ones but I love all of her overnight oats recipes, particularly the pumpkin ones in the fall! :)

  44. Ana says:

    I love her pasta sauce and her granola!! but all of her recipes I have tried were absolutely delicious!!

  45. Rachel says:

    My most favorite OSG recipe is Vegan Overnight Oats. Since I saw them on her blog years ago they have been my go-to breakfast. So excited for Angela’s cookbook!!

  46. Jessica says:

    Love her smoothie and oat recipes! Can’t wait to read this cookbook and would love to own it!!

  47. Michael Phelan says:

    I love Angela’s apple maple lentil loaf. I know she gives it a more interesting name than that. We made it for our first Christmas as vegans and just loved it. Also appreciated how helpful she was in responding to our questions in regards to substitutions as well as freezing options. Dreena, both you and Angela are such important figures in the world of vegan cooking. Thank you to you both. (And please don’t knock your gorgeous cookbooks – they are absolute staples in our kitchen!)

  48. Chelsea Dodman says:

    So hard to pick a favorite. One of my more recent favorites is her lentil loaf. Delicious enough to satisfy my meat-loving man. His words were: “This is definitely way better than my aunt’s meat loaf.” I agree, I agree.

  49. Jen says:

    I have been loving the one bowl double chocolate cookies!

  50. Sarah Louise says:

    The rad rainbow pad thai is my fav!

  51. Nikki Nisly says:

    Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites!

  52. rebekah says:

    I really like her veggie burgers with seeds but can’t wait to try her tomato soup with chickpea croutons!

  53. Lisa says:

    Granola nut clusters are a winner with everyone in my office!

  54. Natalie says:

    I ALWAYS make your oatmeal recipes! Cookie dough is my favorite! It makes it so easy to dress up the make ahead steel cut oats ready to whatever I’m feeling that day!

  55. Niki says:

    I would love to make the turtle cookies!!!

  56. Niki says:

    I would love to make her turtle cookies!!!

  57. Lauren says:

    My favorite lunch is the roasted garlic and tomato coconut soup. Its a tie for dessert between the healthy homemade strawberry jam oat squares and the almond thumbprint cookies!!

  58. Kelly says:

    I absolutely love her enchiladas with avocado cilantro topping, so amazingly delicious, even my friends loved it when I held a vegan party!

  59. Ann says:

    Love her banana “ice cream.” And her smoothies!

  60. amber conger says:

    Overnight oats! I have been a fan of hers for years though!

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    Her Buddha bowl has been my absolute favorite. I LOVE unassumingly delicious recipes. :)

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    I absolutely love her gluten free turtle cookies! A must try.

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    I love a lot of her recipes. The one I make most is the portable baked oatmeal.

  64. Nicole says:

    My ABSOLUTE favorite recipe of all time is the glazed walnut apple lentil loaf…. it is so absolutely delicious and I love that even my non-vegan friends and family love it too!!! They ask for it all the time!

  65. Lisa says:

    Doughnuts or green smoothies are my favorites. So excited to win Angela’s cookbook (please lucky universe pick me!)

  66. Kelly says:

    I’ve loved every Oh She Glows recipe I’ve tried so far!

  67. Debra Lee says:

    So many delicious recipes to choose from but I really do want to glow!

  68. J says:

    Date bar!!!

  69. Crystal says:

    My favorites are her nut butter recipes! Especially the Maple Almond Butter with Chia, Flax, and Hemp and her 4-ingredient Dark Chocolate Pecan Butter. Mmmmmmm…..

  70. Lisa Figueroa says:

    My favorite are the Vegan and Gluten-free cake balls with 2 ingredient chocolate fudge frosting. I need to make them more often!

  71. Noella says:

    Oh She Glows classic green monster is often on my breakfast menu of the day.

  72. Noella says:

    Most mornings her classic green monster is on the menu :)

  73. Kendal A says:

    I love trying all of them, but I really have enjoyed her trail mix cookies! deliciouuuuss!!

  74. lori IL says:

    There are way too many to mention! Love them all! Must try this recipe of yours!

  75. gail says:

    Hmmm, I think the trail mix cookies are my favorite!

  76. Debbie P says:

    I wanna win, I wanna win! I love Angela’s chickpea omelets!!

  77. Bonnie says:

    I made the homemade Yolos yesterday with my youngest and I can not stop eating them!!

    I also love the peanut butter chocolate energy balls from her website. So good.

  78. Angela says:

    My boyfriend and I make her New Year’s BBQ chili a lot. We really like the cornbread that goes with it too.

  79. Tara says:

    Angela’s website inspired me to really get into vegan cooking, and led me to your work as well. I have really enjoyed a lot of her recipes (my meat and cheese loving boyfriend too!), so I’m not sure favorite is the word I’d use, but I’m obsessed with the dressing from the Rad Rainbow Raw Pad Thai right now!

  80. Therese says:

    WOW. My queso craving may finally be satisfied! Can’t wait to try this.

  81. Joel Johns says:

    Mushroom and millet soup. Having it for dinner tonight!

  82. I love OSG overnight oats!

  83. Ali F says:

    Overnight oats…so many ways to customize it!

  84. Kayleigh says:

    I’m so happy to see this book being reviewed, and this recipe looks amazing!

  85. Elaine says:

    One bowl double chocolate cookies!

  86. Karen says:

    I only found Angela’s blog a few months ago and therefore have not made many of her recipes, but of the ones I have made, I think the butternut squash Mac and cheese is probably my favorite.

  87. Breanna Anderson says:

    Morning Glow Overnight Oats!
    Overnight oats are my favorite breakfast, in general, and the flavors in that one are wonderful!

  88. Lolly says:

    I love so many of her recipes, but I initially found her because of her many, many variations of Overnight Oats. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for this giveaway!
    I also just found your blog and love it! I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before! I’m off to check out more of your posts!

  89. Madison says:

    The Green Goddess smoothie…great for any morning!

  90. Sabrina says:

    Overnight oats – so convenient!

  91. Blueberry Vanilla Bean Pancakes with Blueberry Glaze is my favorite OSG recipe!
    The Peace Patch recently posted..Happy National Vegan Meatball Day!My Profile

  92. Caroline Swinn says:

    I have been following Angela for a few years now and am so pleased to see her well deserved success! I have many favourite recipes but I would have to say her raspberry almond thumbprint cookies are my go to cookie! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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    I love her lasagna with the lemon basil cashew cheese

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    Hands down, her Granola Nut Clusters. My office mates scour my office looking for them, and I can’t make enough!

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    Hard to pick a favorite, but I’ve probably most often made one of her versions of overnight oats… and the overnight buckwheat parfait is a nice variation on that theme.

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    So many exceptional recipes to choose from, but the one I most recently enjoyed was her Feel Good Lunch Bowl … it’s perfection!

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    Quick ‘n Easy No-Bake Protein Bars

  98. Rose says:

    I have followed Angela for a while now and I love her overnight oats, it is my go to breakfast…

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    So excited for the cookbook! I love Oh She Glows’ Spicy BBQ Chickpea Burgers!

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    double chocolate chunk cookies

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    Her mac and cheese is my favorite!

  102. Amanda L says:

    I love all her recipes!!! I think my favorite throughout this frozen tundra of a winter though has been the Roasted Buddha Bowl. It’s like happiness and comfort in a bowl! So good :)

  103. Sarah says:

    my favourite is her spaghetti squash and bean balls! YUM

  104. LauraT says:

    I love so many of Angela’s recipes, but her Overnight Oats is one of my favorites from anyone, and why I started reading her blog!

  105. Michelle says:

    Peanut Better Balls are so tasty!

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    I have to say the overnight oats recipe is my favorite. So many delicious ways to customize it!!

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    The classic Green Monster!

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    My absolute favorite is the Giant Chickpea Pancake :)

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    I have many on my list to try, but so far its the vanilla bean almond milk. Next, the granola bar!

  110. clare says:

    I make the tomato cheesy kale chips all the time. They last minutes in my house. So yummy.

  111. Jennifer H. says:

    My favorite Oh She Glows recipe is the Chewy Trail Mix Cookies!

  112. Beth says:

    I haven’t made many of her recipes but recently tried her wheat thins recipe and loved it.

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    I love the Oh She Glows blog and have made many of Angela’s recipes. One of my favorites is the spaghetti squash with black bean guacamole. Everything is delicious!

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    I can hardly pick only one Angela recipe! I just love reading all the other favorites listed here! I would have to say the 3-Layer Almond Coconut Chocolate Bars are my fav! :-)

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    I’m a HUGE fan of her carrot cake oatmeal, particularly when refrigerated and eaten cold for leftovers!
    Breana recently posted..A Week of Decadent OatmealMy Profile

  116. Catherine says:

    It’s hard to say which recipe is my favorite, but I think I’d go with Our Perfect Veggie Burgers. Even my non-vegan sisters and mother love it! Essential item in the freezer at home!

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    I love the big vegan bowl! So quick, easy, and delish!

  118. Jen Killinger says:

    I love the Roasted Buddha Bowl! Served over quinoa or brown rice, it is the perfect meal!

  119. Candy says:

    Wow, you have so many recipes it is hard to pick a favorite! I don’t know if it’s a real recipe, but I like to use the trick of mixing nut butter with nondairy milk for a lower-calorie dip. So good!

  120. Melissa says:

    I lover her overnight oats best.
    Melissa recently posted..Our 6 Week Eat to Live Challenge RecapMy Profile

  121. Melissa says:

    I love her overnight oats best.

  122. katrina Emelianoff says:

    “Tuna” salad

  123. Lisa says:

    Avocado pasta!

  124. Alissa says:

    it’s a tough choice but i’d have to say angela’s rainbow pad thai salad!

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    Lightened-up Protein Power Goddess Bowl. Delish!

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    Weekend Glow Kale Salad!!

  127. Jess says:

    I love her double chocolate torte. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of Angela’s gorgeous cookbook.

  128. Jen says:

    We just made the dip, except we mixed the cheese sauce with a jar of salsa to be quicker. It was really good. Even got rave reviews from the 3yo…even though I used chipotle chili powder instead of regular. :)

    But my fave Oh She Glows recipe is Jumbo Stuffed Shells.

  129. Thalia says:

    One of my favourite Oh She Glows recipes is her Spiced Lentil, Tomato & Kale soup. My family has made it at least 5 times :D

  130. Linda B says:

    There are sooo many recipes from Angie that I loved!! But I’ve got to say that the chilled double chocolate torte has been a fave both for myself and for anyone it encounters! Love both you and Angie!! Thank you for helping us eat healthy and yummly!! :D

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    That book looks absolutely gorgeous. I’m dying to make that dip now!

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    Rad rainbow raw pad thai!

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    I love the Quick ‘n Easy No-Bake Protein Bars because they are packed with tasty energy!

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    I think this Nacho Dip is going to be my favorite, and my kids. Can’t wait to try it!

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    Avacodo pasta , oh and her green monsters!

  136. Cassandra says:

    Dreena + Angela = cookbook heaven! Thank you both for the giveaway! One of my favorite OSG recipes: Endurance Crackers. I’m always happy when I have a jar of those for snacking!
    Cassandra recently posted..Self-Publishing Spring: 3 Steps to a DIY SeasonMy Profile

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    Oh She Glows is my all time favorite vegan blog!

  138. Jessica Quinn says:

    So excited about the Oh She Glows Cookbook. Angela is my favorite food blogger – vegan or otherwise!

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    I love so many of her recipes, but my favorites so far are her Walnut Lentil Loaf, Cilantro Avacado Cream Sauce, and Smoky Butternut Squash Sauce.

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    I love Angela’s Enchiladas and her Butternut Cheese Sauce. But everything I have made from her website has been stellar.

  144. Kat says:

    I love a lot of her recipes…but would go with the chocolate torte recipe…big hit with my family!

  145. Ana says:

    My all time favorite must be the Protein Power Goddess Bowl. Everything from the empowering recipe name to the actual taste is AWESOME. Can’t wait to get that book!

  146. Lucia says:

    Her recipe for chocolate peanut butter cups in a jar (which I adapted into a full size pie) is scrumptious! After one bite my meat-loving, football-playing brother requested it for his birthday dessert!

  147. Ana Z.. says:

    I wonder what glorious cookbook would result in the collaboration of a couple of my favorite bloggers like Dreena, Angela, Isa, Kathy Patalski and a couple more. I get chills just thinking about this possibility :D

  148. jodie says:

    I will have to say the green monster and overnight oats, I have been hooked ever since.

  149. Jessica says:

    I LOOOOOVE her Peppermint Patty Bars!!!

  150. Heather B. says:

    I love the recipe you chose, because I’m a sucker for hot dips and this one looks WONDERFUL! Can’t wait to try these recipes!

  151. Jenn says:

    I’m not sure what my favourite recipe is yet, because I don’t have the book! But I’ve heard great things about the overnight oats. I would love to win the book so I can try them all!

  152. Rhonda says:

    I absolutely love OSG homemade larabars!

  153. Tara says:

    I love so many of her recipes but my favorite is the detox salad! So many veggies and absolutely delicious.

  154. Christine L. says:

    I only just discovered OSG after seeing a tweet from the publisher relating to the release of the cookbook. I haven’t had a chance to try any of the recipes but have a TON of ideas after having browsed the site. My family and I are always on the lookout for healthy alternatives so both the book and the site will be a huge help!

  155. Rachel says:

    Angela’s Apple Walnut Lentil Loaf is the most amazing thing I have ever tasted!

  156. Bianca says:

    Seductive raw chocolate walnut fudge! My family and I can’t get enough!

  157. Felicia says:

    I LOVE the lightened up protein power goddess bowl! Would love to have this book to try out more yummy recipes :)

  158. Back On Track Wheat Berry and Bean Salad is a recipe I love. I really want to try more of your recipes from your cookbook!!

  159. Jill F. says:

    My favorite Oh She Glows recipes are Apple Pie Oatmeal and Avocado Pasta. That dip looks AH-mazing!

  160. Marina says:

    Definitely her kale salads are my go-to things to make!!
    Marina recently posted..Make Your Blog More Dynamic with a SliderMy Profile

  161. Emily Muhlberg says:

    all time favorite? DEFINITELY the creamy avocado pasta!!

  162. Angela’s toffee granola bars. :)

  163. Nora says:

    Her no-bake Elvis bars are, well, “thank ya very much!”

  164. Robyn says:

    All of her desserts. My carnivore vegan loathing boyfriend always gobbles them up!

  165. Amber says:

    It’s so hard to choose just one, but I’d probably have to say the Creamy Tomato and Mushroom Pasta. Love me some pasta, and this recipe is just perfect!

  166. her chocolate chip cookies :)

  167. Bonnie says:

    I love Oh She Glows! It’s an amazing blog that I regularly make recipes from!

  168. Shauna says:

    My favourite has always been the protein and goddess bowls, but my husband likes the pumpkin brownies.

  169. Holly says:

    Her gluten-free brownies are amazing! Though I’m also a sucker for her butternut squash mac and cheese…

  170. Kaysia says:

    Quinoa black bean salad with cumin-lime vinaigrette. So addictive and delicious!

  171. ali says:

    her cauli-power fettucine alfredo!

  172. Natalie says:

    My all time favorite Oh She Glows recipe is her Smokey Butternut Squash Sauce! So delicious!

  173. ali says:

    cauli-power fettucine alfredo!

  174. Emily says:

    There are so many favorites it is hard to choose… Currently it’s her lemon tahini dressing which I find excuses to put on everything.

  175. Emilie says:

    I love her VOO! So many variations!

  176. Jacqui says:

    Her healthy recipe for a Cookie Dough Blizzard!

  177. Beth says:

    there are too many recipes to choose just one!! But I will say my go-to side dish is her roasted butternut squash and kale with almond pecan parmesan. yum!!

  178. Brynn says:

    Her spinach artichoke dip with white beans

  179. Celeste says:

    Love her vegan enchilada casserole (freezes well, too!) and green monsters!

  180. Sara says:

    Any and all of her smoothie recipes! So delicious and decadent-tasting!

  181. Elaine W says:

    We like the veggie burgers and the Cumin Lime Black Bean Quinoa Salad. I can make it and it lasts quite awhile in the fridge. the book looks awesome.

  182. Lisa says:

    I love her chocolate-chip cookies!

  183. Diana says:

    Thai Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers for dinner with Peanut Better balls for dessert!
    (and I just got your Eat, Drink and Be Vegan cookbook and can’t wait to try some of your recipes too!)

  184. Ashley says:

    Roasted tomato basil pesto & avocado pasta!!!

  185. angie says:

    her smokey butternut squash sauce…so yummy on so many things!

  186. Maria says:

    Vegan Shepherd’s Pie with Gravy….a holiday tradition for our family!

  187. Cathy says:

    I love the overnight oats- saves me time in the morning!

  188. Ann says:

    I don’t have a favourite, yet…I’d love to win the cookbook and come up with many! :)

  189. Krista says:

    There are so many awesome ones to choose from, but I’d have to say the overnight oats are my husband’s favorite while my son and I love the butternut squash mac and cheese! YUM! We’d love to win this cook book!

  190. Maria says:

    I can’t choose only one, but my kids LOVE the Double Chocolate Brownie Dough Balls. Love Angela’s recipes!

  191. Andreq says:

    At the moment, my favorite recipe is gluten-free brownies, but there are so many recipes to love, it could change at any time!

  192. Keleigh says:

    raw chocolate truffles! <3
    Keleigh recently posted..No Half-Day Workshops Currently ScheduledMy Profile

  193. Cynthia says:

    Her veggie burger recipe.

  194. Julia says:

    I love the overnight oats! So many good recipes!

  195. Laurie C. says:

    Love the lightened-up protein power goddess bowl!

  196. Kristina says:

    Definitely her lentil walnut loaf. It’s perfect at Thanksgiving.

  197. Heather P says:

    I am pretty sure I have never made one I don’t like.

  198. Stacey Ferdinands says:

    My fave recipe of Angela’s is her Butternut Squash Mac n’ Cheeze (although I am usually lazy and make with canned pumpkin). It’s super quick to make, healthy and delish!

  199. Lisa Kelly says:

    How amazing is Angela?! This dip looks UNREAL but her overnight oats and banana bread protein bars have literally been a staple in my daily meals for years now!

  200. Heather says:

    Love the Rainbow Raw Pad Thai!

  201. Stacy L. says:

    So may to choose from! Green Monster Overnight Oats!

  202. Amy Johnson says:

    Her peanut sauce. O. M. G. Dip fresh veggie rolls, lettuce wraps or thin with a bit if water for dressing. Wowza, my fav!

  203. Joy Barry says:

    I hadn’t heard of the Oh She Glows blog before yesterday, but I saw the nacho dip and I just had to try it. We made it for dinner last night and it was unbelievably yummy! My reluctant herbivores gobbled it down amid praises for the recipe. And it was so fast and easy to make. I have her book in my Amazon cart now, thanks!

  204. Purnima Barve says:

    No Bake Protein Bars!

  205. Irene Keeley says:

    vegan twix bars are YUM!!

  206. Irene Keeley says:

    I love OSG!!!

  207. Rachel says:

    I saw the recipe for the warm nacho dip, tried it and we are obsessed! we have made it for every gathering we’ve hosted and it is CONSTANTLY a success and everyone asks for the recipe!
    Rachel recently posted..No Eggs? No Problem Banana Bread.My Profile

  208. Michelle says:

    She has so many wonderful recipes, it would be hard to choose just one. I am looking forward to seeing her cookbook, it looks great!

  209. Allison says:

    love everything I’ve tried, but this week we’re loving her chocolate chip cookie dough larabars!

  210. Elizabeth says:

    I love this blog also and I am so excited about the cookbook. It not only is beautiful on the outside, but from experience with her recipes, I know it will be a go to cookbook that I will use often!

  211. Emily Clark says:

    I love the Empowered Noodle Bowl!!!

  212. Nice food photography :)

  213. Bonnie says:

    Quick & Easy Tomato Mushroom Pasta

  214. Kim says:

    My OSG cookbook arrived yesterday! Everything you said is so true about the cookbook. My favorite is the Avocado Pasta! This is also my daughter’s favorite. She is away at college and I would love to win a copy to send to her at school. I can’t wait to try the nacho recipe. I also don’t have a cast iron pan so will go with the pie plate like you did. Thanks for the giveaway offer. Love your cookbooks too!

  215. Jessica says:

    I’m a big fan of her overnight oats variations!

  216. Diane Vandermast says:

    I saw a lentil/cauliflower Indian flavors soup that I can’t wait to try.

  217. stacey says:

    Love the Perfect Veggie Burger and all of the Overnight Oats!

  218. ikkinlala says:

    Tough question! Mine is probably the avocado pasta.

  219. Melissa says:

    I know that Angela’s cookbook must be awesome, she is gracious, kind and has such incredible recipes! I’ve used several of her recipes as a base to adapt for my family. I don’t think I could pick a favorite!

  220. Greg Allbee says:

    Gotta love Buffalo Hummus!

  221. Peppermint patties! This dip recipe looks amazing~

  222. jac says:

    I use her 2 ingredient fudge frosting quite often. It’s easy and if I’m out of either Earth Balance or powdered sugar, I can still make frosting!

  223. Jennifer says:

    I’d LOVE to win this book! I can’t pick just one of my faves because I keep coming back to her site over and over – I find myself drawn to a lot of her flavor combos!

    BTW, Dreena, earlier this week on my blog – I posted a variation of your Quinoa Hummus Casserole (which is one of my favor dishes of all time that you introduced me to) but I switched it up and added a sauce this time around! I gave you a shout out on my blog as well!

    Have a great weekend!
    Jennifer recently posted..Grateful List, Furkids Updates, and a SnackMy Profile

  224. Elvina says:

    My all time fav are Green Monsters from Angela!

  225. Val says:

    I have yet to try more recipes but through Angela’s great blog I found out how to make coconut whipped cream and loved her Butternut Squash Mac ‘n Cheez!
    I’d love to win this book!!!

  226. Emily says:

    I like the baked pumpkin doughnuts, and all the other recipes I’ve tried from Oh She Glows.

  227. Lori B says:

    I’ve been a fan of OSG since I started my plant based journey and am looking forward to this book!

  228. Jenny Braun says:

    Butternut squash Mac n cheese!

  229. Jacqui Pappas says:

    I just had a breaksat of overnight oats, which I love. However, that cheese dip might become my new favorite! It looks amazing.

  230. I adore her smoky butternut squash pasta sauce!

  231. Shelah says:

    Orange Creamsicle Overnight Oats — BRILLIANT!!!! Thanks for this opportunity <3

  232. Ann S says:

    I love her Mini Crunch Bars with Peanut Butter Drizzle. Her blog always makes my mouth water!

  233. Jenny Braun says:

    Butternut squash Mac and cheese! They are all so good!

  234. Ann S says:

    I love her Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal. The new book looks fantastic!

  235. Corrine says:

    My daughter and I love the Cauli-power Fettuccine Alfredo. We’ve already made it a few times and will make it again soon!

  236. Laurie says:

    Dreena! LTEV is a BEAUTIFUL cookbook so don’t ever feel like others are showing you up!! I am also a big ohsheglows fan and am having a tough time choosing my favorite recipe of Angela’s. I think it is a tie between her Glazed Lentil Walnut Loaf and This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Sweet Potato Casserole. Both dishes have graced my dinner table over and over again! You are BOTH vegan geniuses and have made my journey to a plant based diet so FUN, YUMMY, and EASY!!!!

  237. Ria says:

    Love the Basic Cheeze Sauce recipe. Great on sandwiches.

  238. Cathy says:

    Great post and thank you for a chance to win Angela’s fabulous book. I whipped up her Cauli-power Fettucine last week and I’m hooked. I’m going to use this delicious sauce to make a pumpkin lasagne tomorrow, thanks Angela for the inspiration!
    Cathy recently posted..Cleaning out the Cobwebs…My Profile

  239. Karen says:

    Favorite recipe is Roasted Butternut Squash and Kale with Parmesan style Nut Topping.

  240. Julie says:

    Wow this really does look incredible! I’m so happy my copy of the book will be here next week! Looking forward to your new book too, Dreena!

  241. Christina says:

    The yolos, OMG, the yolos!

    The dip looks amazing, too.

  242. Angelique says:

    Hard to pick one favorite! Her peppermint patties are pretty awesome. And Banana Foster Baked Oatmeal.

  243. Brandy says:

    Smoky butternut squash sauce w/pasta & greens :)

  244. Leigh says:

    Also have to say overnight oats. Love them on a busy morning.

  245. Suzanne says:

    Love her Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies! Yum!

  246. Janelle says:

    My favorite recipe of Angela’s, as well as my family’s favorite, is her Cauli-power Fettuccine “Alfredo.” It’s awesome! So delicious and so creamy. Can’t wait to get my hands on her new cookbook!

  247. Brooke says:

    Her Weekend Glow Kale Salad is hands down the best salad I’ve ever had. I could eat it every day. Actually, I do, often!

  248. I’ve only made one of Angela’s recipes – her Peppermint Pattie recipe. However, I’ve been excited to try several others including the cauliflower Alfredo fettuccine.
    Melissa Montovani recently posted..The Killing Woods by Lucy ChristopherMy Profile

  249. donna zittel says:

    Tempah bacon

  250. Beth says:

    Her carrot ginger soup is fantastic!!!!

  251. Lydia Claire says:

    I love the Cauli-power Fettuccine Alfredo!

  252. Tymber says:

    I haven’t tried one yet, but I’m always looking for original yet simple vegan recipes. All of the old cookbooks sitting in my bookcase are from the archaic days when I still cooked omnivorous food, so I’m in need of something better!

  253. Becca F says:

    All the recipes I’ve tried of hers are wonderful! I love her lentil loaf, green monsters, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

  254. Jess says:

    I went through a phase where I made her toffee bars every second day for a week. I think I need one of those phases again…

  255. Hannah says:

    Love her cookie dough bites.

  256. Deborah says:

    I can’t remember off hand which recipe is my fav.. But I know there is two that I use regularly!!!

  257. Nicole Drach says:

    I love Overnight Oatmeal! Easy and ready to go right when you are ready in the morning. So customizable to suit whatever season or mood! Xoxo

  258. Michaela says:

    I love her chocolate chip recipe and use her lightened up lemon tahini dressing ALL THE TIME!

  259. Amanda says:

    It is so hard to choose just one! I love the brownie pumpkin pie!! I also really like the cranberry, apricot, and pecan wild rice pilaf.

  260. Heidi says:

    I <3 her chia pudding!!

  261. Jill says:

    Avacado pasta. Hands down!

  262. Josiane says:

    Since there is a limit to the number of blogs I can read, I wasn’t subscribed to Oh She Glows, so I have yet to try any of Angela’s recipes. That has changed, though! All the fabulous book reviews have convinced me to make space for her blog in my reader a few days ago, and her book is now on my must-buy-soon list, too. Just from reading some of the comments here, I now have a long list of recipes from her blog I want to try, and several recipes from her book sound like must-try-soon too!
    Josiane recently posted..Friday at Four #8 – The gift of a pauseMy Profile

  263. Jana says:

    tempeh bacon

  264. Carrie Ann says:

    Vegan bowl, so many yummy additions.

  265. Stephanie says:

    Angela’s Vegan Enchiladas with Cilantro Avocado Cream Sauce are life changing!

  266. Michelle says:

    I love all of her dessert recipes that I’ve tried, but the Peanut Better Balls are one of my favorites! Can’t go wrong with PB and chocolate!

  267. April Paik says:

    Vegan brownies! Thanks for the giveaway!

  268. AngiB says:

    Classic green monster for me – but her GloBars used to be my favourite treat.

  269. Amanda Miller says:

    Everything Angela does is amazing but I absolutely love the 2-Ingredient Chocolate Fudge Frosting!

  270. Erica Cooper says:

    The blueberry and banana overnight oats. It’s made mornings so much smoother around here.

  271. Heather says:

    I have never tried one, because clearly I live under a rock. I can’t wait to remedy that situation!

  272. Melissa Atlas says:

    I looove Angela’s cauliflower alfredo sauce!

  273. Jacky Hood says:

    so many faves but I’ll go with Overnight Oats as that is the one I make ALL the time (breakfast is my f avourite meal!)

  274. Amanda says:

    I love cookie balls, so yummy….but love the green smoothie, I have an addiction to green smoothies

  275. Katie says:

    Chocolate Protein Vegan Overnight Oats!

  276. Nadia says:

    Her tahini-molasses gravy recipe is used every holiday! It’s delicious.

  277. Valerie says:

    Cinnamon pumpkin spiced donuts

  278. Jill says:

    Love so many of her recipes! Her granola recipes are popular in my house.

  279. Jaclyn says:

    My favorites are her overnight oat parfaits

  280. Patricia Schmidt says:

    Mmmm….Donuts! :)

  281. Michelle says:

    The protein power goddess bowl and the green monster smoothie are in regular rotation in my kitchen thanks to Angela!

  282. Anna says:

    I love her Protein Power Goddess Bowl! With that said, all her recipes are fantastic.
    Anna recently posted..Guest Post: 9 Motivation Hacks: Health and Wellness MotivationMy Profile

  283. Jodi Ellis says:

    One of our favorites is the lentil loaf!

  284. Lindsay says:

    Avocado Pesto sauce! For sure.

  285. Heidi says:

    I am in love with the Cozy Millet Bowl with Mushroom Gravy and also am a big fan of the Berry Bliss Oat Squares. My kids love them to death!

  286. Valerie says:

    Cinnamon sugar pumpkin spice donuts!

  287. Andria says:

    The roasted Buddha bowl, for sure. Turns out roasting cauliflower is almost the only way to make me like it.

  288. Nina says:

    My favourite is her cookie dough balls (raw). So yummy!

  289. Amanda says:

    Vegan and Gluten free chocolate chip cookies

  290. Leona says:

    I love her oat parfaits!

  291. Alex says:

    Angela does not have a single recipe that is anything less than wonderful! Her Gingerbread with Spiced Buttercream might take top spot with me, though!

  292. Emily C. says:

    I have lots of favorites from Angela’s site, but I guess my top-favorite would be her apple oatmeal because it makes getting out of bed in the winter worth it. Thanks!

  293. Rachel says:

    Oh I cannot wait to try this!
    Question though the picture of the book is different on amazon?

  294. Tracy says:

    Too many to mention them all! However, her classic green monster is my go to smoothie recipe and har Peanit Better Balls are a recent fav…

  295. Nancy Brightwell says:

    The Black Bean and Potato Nacho Plate!

  296. Abby says:

    I love her pumpkin pie smoothie recipe! She introduced me to blackstrap molasses.

  297. Tracy says:

    Love her recipes, I started doing the overnight oats after seeing them on her blog.

  298. Heidi says:

    Smoothies! The book looks beautiful.

  299. Michelle says:

    I’ve yet to try a recipe that I didn’t love but here is my most RECENT favourite;

  300. M says:

    Made the teriyaki quinoa and it was yummy!

  301. Olivia says:

    Shepherd’s Pie

  302. L says:

    Love the nicer krispie squares!

  303. L says:

    The nacho dip looks relish as do all the recipes in the cookbook!! I want to try them all!

  304. sara says:

    Garlic Pumpkin Knots! So good!!
    sara recently posted..GoofsMy Profile

  305. Marianne says:

    I love her smoothies but her recipes are all super! Love learning new ways to eat veggies.

  306. gittie says:

    I love her chocolate cookie recipe!

  307. Angela says:

    Dreena, I am at a loss for words. I really don’t know how I got so lucky, but to have my favourite vegan cookbook author supporting my own book is just an incredible feeling. I want to pinch myself! Eat Drink and Be Vegan was one of the reasons why I shifted to a vegan diet (and discovered how amazing the food can taste!), so really I have you to thank for being a big part of my journey. And your photos all look gorgeous, by the way! :)
    I’m so happy to hear you have wrapped up your manuscript…I’m SO looking forward to it!! xo

  308. Martha says:

    I love Angela’s Thai-Inspired Hydrating Cucumber Salad with Roasted Spiced Chickpeas. Great review makes me hope I win the book so I can make the recipes for my five grandkids.

  309. katy sparrow says:

    oh my goodness, what a book!! that dip looks fabulous

    I love Angela’s cherry-banana-coconut butter bread!

  310. Melanie Connolly says:

    I have tried so many yummy ones. I love her portobella mushroom pizzas and she opened me up to a the world of overnight oats, her sweet potato and black bean enchiladas were amazing.

  311. Terri Cole says:

    Angela’s avocado pasta was one of the first vegan recipes I ever made. It’s as easy as it is delicious!

  312. Valerie says:

    Love her peanut butter balls. So yummy.

  313. Mar says:

    Angela’s smoothie recipes inspired me to start drinking smoothies and I love her green monster movement website too:
    Mar recently posted..The good, the bad, and the uglyMy Profile

  314. Rachel Liekhus says:

    Overnight Oats!

  315. Heather says:

    Love Angela’s butternut squash sauce!

  316. Michelle says:

    Her peanut butter balls are a go to for breakfast!

  317. Tracy says:

    I am a fan of the sweet potato casserole and would love a copy of her new book!

  318. Jennifer Wolf says:

    This nacho dip will be perfect to serve while watching some March Madness basketball games!

  319. Looks awesome! I haven’t made any of her recipes lately but would be excited to try the cheese sauce listed here.

  320. janice montroy says:

    the Potato Nachos

  321. Jennie L. says:

    Love all her recipes!

  322. ruthie says:

    I made the cauli-power alfredo last week and it was awesome! I also love her shredded kale salad!

  323. Melissa Orobko says:

    Have been following OSG for years and have loved Angela’s warmhearted spirit! In fact, her blog was the first vegan blog that I turned to when I made the switch. I cannot wait to get her cookbook and to share it far and wide!

  324. Allison says:

    I love Angela’s spicy black bean wrap with chipotle avocado sauce. Super yummy. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get my hands on this book!!

  325. Jacquelyn de la Torre says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book!

  326. Jeannelle says:

    I love the layered eggplant and zucchini casserole. mmmm. I’m hungry now!

  327. Amanda K says:

    I have been following Oh She Glows for a while now, and I credit Angela’s blog with helping me reduce my animal product consumption. My most recent favorite receipt of hers is the cauliflower “alfredo” sauce. So so good and so so easy to make.

  328. Stephanie says:

    Oh my I need to make this!!

  329. Ally says:

    You and angela are both inspirations for veggie cooks everywhere! Can’t wait to get my hands on her new book. Thanks for sharing!

  330. We are a huge fan of all Angela’s recipes. We’ve tried lots and it was always a success. I remember her enchiladas with the avocado sauce on it was something…Mmmmm !!! All her soups !!!

    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway :)
    Jessica Eagle recently posted..Hummmmm…humez cette bonne soupe nutritive de légumineuses & verdures (Beans ‘n Greens Soup)My Profile

  331. Nicole Selah Destrampe says:

    Luxurious 7-Vegetable and “Cheese” Soup YUM!

  332. Allyson E says:

    I love so many of her recipes. One of my favorites is the Smoky Butternut Squash Shells and Greens. A true comfort meal!

  333. Tracy says:

    I love Oh She Glows! She has an amazing chocolate torte and pecan pie crust. Yummy!

  334. ellen says:

    Looks beautiful! Recently we made vegan zucchini boats….great idea and so suitable to using whatever’s on hand!

  335. Heidi Lynn says:

    It’s hard to pick just one, but I love This aint your grandmas sweet potato casserole.

  336. Gayle says:

    My family loves the peanut better balls!

  337. Michelle says:


  338. Katie says:

    To choose just one favourite recipe is so difficult! It depends on my mood (and the status of my pantry). The recipe I’ve made the most however is her (in)famous Smoky Butternut Squash Sauce. I’m an addict :)

  339. Andrea R says:

    Sweet Potato Oatmeal Breakfast Casserole…yes please!

  340. Tiffany says:

    My favorite Angela recipe is her famous vegan overnight oats!! Congrats Angela!!

    Dreena, congrats on turning in your manuscript!!! :) xoxo

  341. Jessica says:

    I’ve tried quite a few recipes on her site, and I’m always looking for awesome juice and smoothies…. but wow. I’m pretty sure this recipe just took the cake! I’ve been in such a mood for creamy, cheesy goodness. Add a little kick and I’m good to go! This would be the perfect cookbook to add to my collection to show my omni (vegan-curious) boyfriend how to cook for me ;) lol

  342. Eryn says:

    I’m slightly embarrassed to say I have never heard of Angela before, but now that I have I can’t wait to try her recipes! I’m going to make this dip tomorrow and am so excited about it! My husband just had a not so great check up at the dr and we are making some big lifestyle changes. He will be so excited to be able to eat a “cheesy dip” like this sans cheese!

  343. Paula says:

    Chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard!

  344. Isabelle says:

    I love so many of her recipes! I have to say she is the one who started me on overnight oats, The buckwheat breakfast is good also. Her version of the buddha bowl as well. And so many others!

  345. Faith says:

    My favorite recipe from Angela is her chocolate chip cookie recipe!

  346. Veg4life says:

    Overnight oats!

  347. Leanne Howe says:

    I am SO making this this month!Looks delicious…and while I’m at it I’m going to add her website to my favorites… :)

  348. Kelli E says:

    Raw rainbow pad Thai! Mmm so tasty

  349. Marina says:

    I make her crispy baked tofu all the time! So good.

  350. Candyce Loescher says:

    So many good recipes and this dip looks fabulous. Perhaps the Enchilada Casserole?

  351. Amy says:

    This looks awesome. I love the falafel from Angela’s blog, and something she calls the “protein power goddess bowl”- lentils, grains, and greens with tahini sauce- so good!

  352. Kate says:

    Buffalo hummus!

  353. Jeni says:

    I love Angela’s easy avocado pasta recipe! All of her recipes are so good! :-)

  354. bunny says:

    I love her vegan chili recipe!

  355. Stacy says:

    I love her Cauliflower “Alfredo,” would LOVE to have this cookbook – looks gorgeous!

  356. paula rothman says:

    lentil walnut burgers

  357. Jami says:

    I love the baked oatmeal recipe from her web site, I was hooked on it for a long time.

  358. Stephanie says:

    We really like the creamy avocado pasta dish.

  359. Terri says:

    Buffalo Hummus

  360. Tara says:

    Oh She Glows was where I first learned about the beauty of overnight oats!! :) I have no made nearly enough of her recipes – but I look forward to trying more in the future!

  361. Amy says:

    We have loved every recipe of Angela’s that I’ve made. We really loved the Peanut Better Balls at Christmas.

  362. Danielle says:

    I love so many of her recipes! The one that comes to mind is her Lentil Walnut Burgers.

  363. Laura J says:

    I’m still a newcomer to Angela’s blog, but that Nacho dip looks amazing!

  364. gloria kersh says:

    I haven’t tried any recipes from this cookbook, but I am sure this cheesy dip would be an all time fav.
    gloria kersh recently posted..Apple CrispMy Profile

  365. gloria kersh says:

    This looks so good – I can’t wait to try it.

  366. Katie says:

    I love the butternut squash mac n cheeze sauce!

  367. Rachel says:

    I love new and exciting plant based recipes. I look forward to reading the cookbook!

  368. Ashleigh says:

    I love all of her mouth-watering recipes but most of all, I love her chilled chocolate torte! I’ve made it several times and always enjoy it.

  369. Ann Marie Taylor says:

    I would LOVE to add this to my Vegan Cookbooks!!

  370. Nita says:

    Looking forward to trying this recipe. It looks delicious! Would love to win the cookbook.

  371. Sara says:

    I’ve made her This Ain’t Grandmas Sweet Potato Casserole a few times and its always a crowd pleaser.

  372. Jenn says:

    I also had a hard time choosing a favorite. When I look at my “Tried and True” collection of Oh She Glows recipes, the Glazed Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf stuck out to me this morning. But in a couple hours, it could easily switch to her overnight oats, Butternut Squash Mac N Cheeze or Broccoli and Cheeze Soup…

  373. Julia Reeb says:

    Oh.My.Yum. So many fantastic ones…the dip featured above, the noodle bowl, the avocado pasta, the walnut/pear/avocado salad….

  374. mary beth says:

    Umm, anything with chocolate. She nails them all.

  375. Gina says:

    Ultimate Vegan Lentil Walnut Loaf. So yummy!

  376. Angie Barrett says:

    My most recent favorite is the Cauli-power fettuccini Alfredo! So many great recipes!!

  377. Victoria says:

    I love the lentil walnut apple loaf :)

  378. Maureen says:

    I agree that Angela’s recipes are Ah-Maz-Ing!! To pick a few faves from her website (I haven’t had the chance to try the cookbook yet)(I apologize for the butchered titles) roasted butternut squash with Kale, millet with mushroom gravy, seed balls – many others. But I have to tell you that Angela isn’t my only go-to recipe author – You are my other!! Your recipes never fail me! :) thank you! (Lentil loaf & rosemary gravy from LTEV is my go to comfort meal!!)
    Enjoy the day!

  379. Laloofah says:

    I have a moratorium on adding any more vegan cookbooks to our collection till I’ve made more recipes out of the ones we already own (so many great vegan recipes, so little time – what a wonderful “problem!”) But I’m making an exception in this case. Love Angela’s “Oh She Glows” recipes, and her cookbook would be well worth making room for on my crowded kitchen bookshelf!
    Laloofah recently posted..SkyWatch Friday: A Dickens of a SunsetMy Profile

  380. I love the Easy Avocado Pasta. I am looking forward to making the nacho dip it looks del.ish

  381. Jennifer says:

    The black bean and butternut squash burritos – they are a staple in our house! LOVE

  382. Angela N says:

    What plant based eater could resist such a delicious looking cookbook. I hope I get a copy.

  383. Nicollette says:

    They’re all amazing, but it has to be the avocado pasta sauce. So easy, so yummy!

  384. Kate says:

    I made Angela’s sweet potato casserole oatmeal. My oh my, so good!

  385. Shana says:

    The Big Vegan Bowl. I love the versatility of it. Looking forward to trying this one.

  386. Lynne says:

    I’m new to the vegan lifestyle and so haven’t made enough recipes to decide which is my favorite yet. The cookbook would certainly be a plus for me!

  387. Goodness, that’s a hard question – but I’ll say her Berry Bliss Oat Squares. Excited to now have this nacho recipe too! This is my fave so far of the ‘blog book tour’.
    Kath @ Natural Kath recently posted..Very Inspiring Blogger Award & Going Green TagMy Profile

  388. Sadie says:

    I have to pick a favorite OSG recipe? I would have to go for her GF brownies then. Oh my yum!

  389. My favorite Oh She Glows recipe is the loaded potato nachos. Such a wonderful, more nourishing twist on a classic indulgence.
    Shannon @ recently posted..Punchy Dill Flavored Stuffed Peppers (Vegan, Gluten-Free)My Profile

  390. Jane Valley says:

    Looking so hard for food I can make to make me feel better and bring out the real me!

  391. Ali says:

    I love those bite sized pies made in a mini muffin tin.

  392. Maggie says:

    I’ve made a number of her recipes and they are all delicious! That dip looks amazing! It makes me really sad that I’m allergic to cashews :(

  393. Cintia says:

    Soul-soothing African peanut stew!!

  394. Gretchen says:

    I am so excited for this cookbook. Our favorite Oh She Glows recipe has got to be the Easy Avocado Pasta.

  395. Betsy says:

    The nacho dip is great!

  396. Kristi says:

    The cookbook is beautiful! Last night, I looked at every single page. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes. I already love her overnight oats!!

  397. Lisa says:

    I have made several recipes from your site but my fave is still the overnight oats. Makes breakfast easy and tasty!

  398. Kelly says:


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