NEW! Cinnamon Cookie Dough Bars (and photos of LTEV signing at Chapters)

I have a new recipe for you today, these yumbo bumbo Cinnamon Cookie Dough Bars

But first, thought I’d show a few pictures from my book signing at Chapters this past weekend.  My girlfriend Vicki was good enough to snap some pics – thanks my dear friend! 

First up, the table shot – the flowers in the background are also from Vicki.  She’s the best.  The samples to the right (you can’t see them all) were: my Award-Winning Frosted B-raw-nies, Monsta! Cookies, BF Blueberry Muffins, Artichoke and White Bean Dip (served with mini-breads) and cucumber slices topped with Truffled Cashew Cheese.

The signing “action shot” (thanks again to my bud Vicki)!  If you look closely, you’ll see I’m signing a copy of ed&bv here! (one gal bought LTEV then came back with ed&bv)!

Another good friend, Nicole. We met through our children’s school.  She’s a cool lady, and I really admire her.  She is strong and passionate, yet has this calm energy and a good sense of humor.  And she is gorgeous with her big smile and beautiful eyes.  Nicole brought her three kiddos and hubby to the signing – PLUS all four books for me to sign!  Every book I opened, she had little notes written inside the cover for recipes she wanted to make, and extra notes tucked inside for grocery lists – I loved that!  :)

I met one of my readers, Rachel, who is fairly new to eating vegan.  She has a young family, and was a sweetheart to speak with.  I met her cutie-pants little boy too!  I also reconnected with one of my darling recipe testers, Angie – but, darn, missed the Kodak moment with her!

And this is our eldest daughter in the orange shirt, I think she is, um “helping” with the food samples…?  (She scarfed down a LOT of the artichoke/white bean dip!)  Hubby had the other two girls in the kids’ section.  Fun times for him, lol!

Now to the FOOD!

These bars are a combination of raw-meets-vegan.  A sequel to my “Cocoa Cookie Dough Balls” perhaps, or maybe my “Lemon-Kissed Blondie Bites“.  And, they started as balls.  But, our wee girl keeps calling them “Sticky Balls”.  Sorry, but, I just couldn’t get past Pete Schweddy.  Too many balls.  So, I made bars.  But, if you want sticky balls… by all means.  Shall we move on? ;)

These include hemp seeds, and I add a good dose of cinnamon because it plays nicely with hemp seeds.  (Unlike our two eldest, who rarely play nicely, but I’m getting off-topic.)  And, because many of you need nut-free versions for allergies – or because of school policies, I have created TWO versions for you: one with cashews and hemp, they other without any tree nuts.

Cinnamon Cookie Dough Bars soy-free, nut-free option, gluten-free option

Print and share right here!

A cousin to my “Cocoa Cookie Dough Balls”, these cinnamony-sweet treats are a perfect treat anytime of the day, and can be made nut-free for school lunches!

1 cup raw cashews (see note for nut-free version)

1/4 cup hemp seeds

1/4 tsp sea salt (scant)

1 1/2 – 2 tsp cinnamon

1 cup rolled oats (touch generous)

2 cups pitted dates (I use honey dates)

1 tsp vanilla

1/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut

2-4 tbsp miniature non-dairy chocolate chips (optional, see note in directions if using larger chips)

In a food processor, add the cashews, hemp seeds, salt, cinnamon, and oats and whiz until crumbly.  Add the dates and vanilla, and whiz again for a minute or more. It will appear as if nothing is happening at first, that the mixture is just whirring around in crumbs, but soon it will start to become sticky.  When you see it start to become a little sticky, add the coconut and chocolate chips and process again (if you have larger chocolate chips, add them a little earlier, to help break them up).  Continue to process until it forms a ball on the blade.  Stop the machine and remove the dough.  If making bars:  Line a loaf dish with parchment paper along the bottom and up the sides.  Press the mixture into the pan, to even and smooth out (using a piece of parchment helps to press the mixture).  Refrigerate for an hour or more to chill and set, and then cut into squares/bars.  If forming in balls: Take small coops of the dough (a couple teaspoons in size, and roll in your hand.  Repeat until you have rolled all of the dough.  Refrigerate for an hour or more until chilled.

Nut-free adaptation: 

1/2 cup hemp seeds

1/4 tsp (scant) sea salt

2 tsp cinnamon (use full teaspoon for this version)

1 1/2 cups rolled oats

1/2 cup shredded unsweetened coconut

2 cups pitted dates (I use honey dates)

1 tsp vanilla

2-4 tbsp miniature non-dairy chocolate chips (optional)

Follow same directions as above, except adding coconut earlier, before adding the dates.

If you make these, I’d love to know how you like them!  Are these the kinds of quick snacks you are looking for?  Or tell me what you’d like in a healthy snack!

50 Responses to NEW! Cinnamon Cookie Dough Bars (and photos of LTEV signing at Chapters)

  1. Jenny says:

    Just made these for my newly Vegan family. Kids loved them and the husband swooned!! Thankyou so much!!

  2. Louise Lawson says:

    Do you know where I can find honey dates?

    • Dreena says:

      Most grocery stores/health food stores have pitted dates – you can use either medjool or honey. Oddly, I actually buy the honey dates (pitted) at Walmart!

  3. Kristy says:

    Hi Dreena! I only have dried figs at home, I know it won’t be an exact sub, but do you think they would turn out okay using them instead of dates?

    • Dreena says:

      Hi Kristy, I wouldn’t sub figs in this amount. If it were a small measure of dates (say 1/4 cup), would probably be okay. Since figs are so seedy, I think it would be too prominent in the bars. You can always give it a whirl, but personally I’d wait rather than possibly waste ingredients. Hope that helps!

  4. Amy says:

    These look/sound delicious! Will any seeds do?

    • Dreena says:

      Thanks Amy. Here, not so much – stick with hemp seeds. Seeds have different flavors and textural properties, so best to use the hemp seeds. Enjoy!

  5. Jill Z says:

    I am just coming across this recipe and had some that my sister made. They are delicious! Is there any nutritional information for them posted anywhere? (calories, grams of sugar, How many per serving?)thank you

  6. J says:

    Is it ok to use a vitamix/blendtec instead of a food processor when making this recipe? Thanks! BTW appreciate all your recipes, blogs, cookbooks, etc.!! Very kid friendly

    • Dreena says:

      J, I would only use a food processor for this recipe, it will be a little stubborn to thoroughly combine in a high-speed blender. Thanks for your generous words, glad you’re enjoying my recipes. :)

  7. Jane says:

    Hi Dreena – these look great and as we swelter in 42˚, always happy to have no-bake treats. ;) Funnily enough, I have been making the cocoa dough mixture as a base for the raw choc frosted b-rawnies (nuts may be aggravating partner’s headaches) as you suggested somewhere, and one day (just for fun) I threw in hemp seeds, and instead of all dates added in dried cranberries, apricots, pear, prunes, fig….It was really yummy and had something of the ‘panforte’ to it if you are familiar with that italian sweet treat. I think your recipes are marvellous, but i love how you inspire me to just go crazy in the kitchen with new ideas!!!! xx

  8. Yum! These look awesome Dreena. I love no bake goods that are easily portable. I personally prefers the bars to balls, less time rolling! Thanks for another great recipe.
    Anna {Herbivore Triathlete} recently posted..One Run For BostonMy Profile

  9. Stephanie says:

    How many bars did you get from one batch? Thank you!

    • Dreena says:

      Stephanie, I get about 12 squares/bars, but lately I’ve been doubling the recipe to yield 16 squares that are thicker.

  10. Stephanie says:

    How many bars did you get from one batch?

  11. Lori says:

    I am not a coconut fan. Is there something to substitute or is it okay to just leave out? Thanks!! :-)

    • Dreena says:

      sure, you can sub in extra oats – the flavor is subtle in the overall mix though, it’s really nice! But, that sub should work ok. :)

  12. I’m very happy to uncover this web site. I want to to thank you for ones time for this particularly wonderful read!! I definitely loved every bit of it and I have you book-marked to check out new stuff in your blog.
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  13. Rebekah says:

    My girls loved the cocoa cookie dough balls that were featured on the Engine 2 for kids. I need to make another “eat anytime” sweet!

    • Dreena says:

      That’s great, Rebekah! I contributed that cocoa cookie dough balls recipe to the E2D series, so if you loved them I’m pretty sure you’ll love these too! The cinnamon flavor really makes them sing. Enjoy and thanks for the note. :)

  14. Lindsay says:

    Hi Dreena! I decided to give this recipe a whirl, but I added raisins along with dates, added some ground flax, cut the chocolate chips and nuts, and then rolled them into balls and threw a few in the oven for 15 minutes and the rest in the fridge! They are pretty delicious baked as well!! I’m so glad I found your recipe! Thank you for introducing me to hemp hearts….they are to-die-for good!

  15. Jody says:

    I have hemp hearts – are they interchangeable with hemp seeds?

  16. Jody says:

    Is there a difference between hemp seeds and hemp hearts? I have a big container of hemp hearts and was wondering if they are interchangeable.

    • Dreena says:

      Jody, they are the same thing. Hemp hearts are the shelled hemp seeds, and are what you want for recipes. The term ‘hemp seeds’ used interchangeably, and I have barely ever seen hemp seeds still in their shell. You’re ready to go! :)

  17. Lisa says:

    I purchased your book a few weeks ago and find I just want to make EVERYTHING!!!!!!! We do not eat dairy, soy or wheat in our home. Your recipe book offers so many creamy type recipes to fill that void:) I just love how you use whole foods! I totally agree with what you said in your introduction about there being so many processed foods out there that so much nutrition is lost. I’m recommending your book to everyone who wants to eat healthier and from foods the way they are found in nature. I also love this recipe for dough bars. I was just thinking about finding a recipe for such a thing and there your recipe appeared.

  18. Brandy says:

    Unrelated to food question: Where did you get the cute shoes? The black wedges?

    • Dreena says:

      Brandy, I love that you are asking me a fashion q!! :D I got them two years ago, and it was either at Payless or Winners (Cdn store)… I think it was Payless. Thanks!

  19. Lorii Abela says:

    Looks like you really had fun during that event Dreena. Thanks for sharing.

  20. laurie says:

    I am devouring Let Them Eat Vegan and am having so much fun with your delicious recipes! Your White Bean Mashed Potatoes are to die for and I made your Cocoa Cookie Dough Balls today — so yummy!! I want to make your Cinnamon Cookie Dough Bars but don’t have any hemp seeds. Do you think I could sub ground flax or pumpkin seeds that I’ve pulsed a bit in the food processor?

    • Dreena says:

      Hi Laurie, thanks for that! Really delighted to hear it. :) For the new dough bars, I’d opt for the pumpkin seeds – add the 2 tbsp with the cashews – or you could use all cashews as well. Hope that helps!

  21. Janae Wise says:

    Love seeing you in action Dreena. You are gorgeous, & elegant–the perfect vegan food ambassador! (your shoes are so cute, btw!)

    These bars look AMAZE-ing. Thanks for always keeping the gf & allergy-crowd in mind.

    • Dreena says:

      Janae, I’m putting you on speed-dial when I need a pick-me-up! You are a darling, thank you for all of your kind words. oo’s and xx’s!

  22. The book signing looks like it was fun! And these bars look and sound yummy. And the best part is I have all the ingredients on hand! I know what I’ll be making tomorrow. :)

  23. Koko says:

    Oh Dreena, that signing looks great!!! Hope you had fun :-)

  24. I just finished eating one of your Cocoa Cookie Dough balls before I sat down to check in on the computer. I must try it’s cousin! Printing out this recipe now….

    I so wish you’d do book signings in Texas – I’d love to meet you!

    • Dreena says:

      haha Michelle, cool coincidence! Don’t think I’ll be in Texas anytime soon, but that’s so sweet of you to say – thanks for the note.

  25. Traci says:

    Thank you sooooo much for all of the nut-free adaptations you are posting for your recipes! It helps so much with my nut allergic little one (and my lack of brain cells for trying my own adjustments to your recipes!). After trying the cocoa date balls that were posted (with your permission) on another site and now these, we’ll have a bunch of yummy alternatives to carry with us when we are out! Thank you!!!

    • Dreena says:

      Traci, oh that’s good to hear! Thanks. Funny enough, I was ready to post these and then thought “no… do a nut adaptation, b/c people will ask for it”! It’s true, esp for kids and school lunches, it’s a very common request. I’m so pleased to be able to help you – hope your little one enjoys them (and you too of course)!

  26. Oh. My. Dough bars make me swoon! Love the pic of you and Rachael. Go new vegan, go!

    • Dreena says:

      Thanks JL!! She was such a sweet lady, I enjoyed chatting with her so much – Rachel, if you’re reading… keep on keeping on!! :)

  27. Nicole says:

    That is such a lovely outfit you’re wearing in your book signing photos! And the cookie dough bars look scrumptious, too. They are my kind of snack!

    • Dreena says:

      Thanks Nicole! ((Can I tell you how pleased I am that you complimented my outfit and not just the cookie bars???)) Thanks for the note! :D

  28. Audrey says:

    These sound great. I’m a big cinnamon freak. :)

  29. Lynn says:

    To answer your question…Yes! These are exactly the type of snacks I’m looking for!! Perfect for summer when it’s too hot to bake and nice and compact for taking on bike rides in a little wax paper.

    Btw, love your outfit! :)

    • Dreena says:

      Fabulous!! We haven’t had the hot weather yet, Lynn, but I know what you’re saying – who wants to turn on the oven when it’s stinking hot??!! Thanks for the feedback (and I’m chuffed you liked my outfit too)!! :)

  30. Terri Cole says:

    Dreena, you made me laugh out loud thinking of “Schweddy Balls”! Do you think I could sub out chia for the hemp?

    • Dreena says:

      Terri, if you do, I’d sub ground chia, maybe 1 tbsp, and then just add the extra 1 tbsp of oats (you may not need it, as ground chia absorbs a lot of moisture and will ‘bulk’ the mixture. I think ground will work better than whole, b/c the whole seeds might be a little too crunchy in the bars – but you could still try it! And, glad I gave you a chuckle… !!

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