Mother’s Day Cookbook Giveaway!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you hard working moms reading.  To celebrate YOU, I am giving away a copy of Let Them Eat Vegan!  And, if you already have Let Them Eat Vegan, then you may choose one of my other cookbooks (eat, drink & be vegan, Vive le Vegan!, or The Everyday Vegan)!  YAY!

Let Them Eat Vegan

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post with your favorite Mother’s Day memory or tradition.  And, if you’d like to grab yourself a second entry, then simply tweet this post (you can use the button on this page, up there ↑).  Contest open to residents of Canada and the US.  AND, you don’t have to be a mom to enter.  You can be a mom, enter for your mom, or any mom!  Or, because you a planning to be a mom. :)  You get the idea!

And, if you’d like to return a Mother’s Day sweet… if you DO already have Let Them Eat Vegan and are loving it, would you please share a short yumbo-bumbo review on amazon?  It takes just a minute or two, and I would really appreciate it.  Plus, I figure you might need something to do this weekend – other than twiddling your thumbs because your family is doing ALL the cooking and cleaning.  😉

And, if you need some ideas for Mother’s Day breakfast or brunch recipes, why not try my Fantastic French Toast, Hempanola, Strawberry Goji Smoothie (the color is so pretty!), or these…

Apple Oat Pancakes (from Vive le Vegan!), click to link to recipe

Happy Mother’s Day!  Good luck!


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  3. Terri Cole says

    I’m not sure if this giveaway is still active, but here goes! My daughter is grown and moved out now but when she was young we would go buy flowers and tomatoes to plant on Mothers Day.

  4. nik says

    Our favorite tradition has always been making handmade gifts, usually all of us getting together for a whirlwind night or weekend of brainstorming and building and crafting…and eating and drinking and such good stuff!

  5. says

    Since my mom works 4 jobs to support me, I don’t get to see her much. Thus Mother’s Day is every day in my house, and I jump at every opportunity to spend time with my mom. I love just driving with the windows rolled down in the summer heat, talking and laughing as we enjoy each other’s company.

  6. says

    My favorite Mother’s Day tradition was going out for brunch when I was a little girl. My mom would get all dressed up and sometimes even wear a hat. There was this one specific resturant that we would go to (it was far out of our price range…so we only went on Mother’s Day) and my step dad would even get her a bottle of champagene. I remember that she said it tasted like vinegar, but they got a bottle every year anyway, just becuase it was the “special thing” to do. My sister, brother and I would get a taste from a teaspoon…lol!

    My mother has been gone for many years, but those memories are very special. She was a very, very special lady. :)

  7. says

    I LOVE it when we take our mom out to lunch with three generations of ladies, mom, my sister and I and my sister’s daughter. What a special way to say we love her!

  8. Anna says

    Our favorite tradition is that we always have brunch together on mothers day! everybody! All siblings and grandparents and mothers and grand babies…! It’s just wonderful

  9. Sara says

    My daughter (she’s not quite two) made me a card and was announcing Happy Mothers Day in her microphone all morning. It’s a great memory to have while she’s testing my patience.

  10. Sheri says

    My favorite Mothers Day memory is going to my moms house and cleaning her bedroom for her for Mothers Day. She struggled with housekeeping and loved a clean house but living in the country with a huge garden..she was canning and cooking all the time and there was not much time for cleaning. I can remember the look on her face as she would walk in her room and just hug me for all the work I did for her. She died 8 years ago from breast cancer but she planted a seed in me for eating healthy. After the first couple of rounds of chemo she refused more txs and started juicing and not eating meat. We thought she was crazy at the time because we were all meat eaters but now I am walking in her path choosing to be vegan. I feel great and have a ways to go to lose weight but I am getting there. Happy Mothers Day Dreena!

  11. Courtney says

    I always make my mom brunch on Mother’s Day (when we are in the same state, that is). I love coming up with new yummy vegan recipes she will enjoy!

    PS how can I subscribe to your new blog? I was subscribed to the old one, but can’t figure out how to get this one.

  12. Andi says

    Before I joined the Navy, we used to celebrate with blueberry pancakes and then a trip downtown to our local farmer’s market. Organic coffee, fruits and vegetables, and maybe a fresh pie if we were feeling a little crazy 😉 I come from a farm-family, so they were all pretty surprised when I became a vegetarian. But my mom has always been my biggest supporter and even made me a tofurkey with vegan stuffing and gravy for last mother’s day! Probably my favorite mother’s day memory.

  13. tania says

    I look forward to every mothers day because I get served a fantastic vegan breakfast in bed b y my husband and kids. I love it! As the kids have grown, they’ve helped more and more. I expect in a few years they won’t need my husband’s help anymore.

  14. Mauree says

    Usually go out for brunch, I remember when the kids were little how proud they were when I wore the pasta jewelry they made for me!

  15. Pat Vonk says

    Today, I shall visit my mom in her Care Home. She has dementia. She may or may not remember me but her beautiful smile will welcome me and she will tell me she loves me and I’ll know in my heart that she truly does. She has always been there for me (and my family)and loves me unconditionally as I do her. Our regular visits (but particularly today)have become increasingly precious and I treasure our time together.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mother, Dreena…. from your cookbooks, I know that you treasure the moments you share … Pat

  16. Sherry (BTLover2) says

    My favorite Mother’s Day activity has been to take my mom shopping for flowers and then planting them with her in her yard. We don’t live in the same state anymore so we haven’t done this in a few years so I miss it. But I love my incredible mom just the same!!

  17. Lee Ann says

    We never do anything fancy. Usually I’ll get something nice for her breakfast and make her favorite meal for lunch.

  18. Tracey Pollard says

    Now that I am a Mom of two little girls I realize that every day is Mother’s Day and I don’t take one of those treasured days for granted! I know that they will grow up fast and right now as my daughter is coloring her face with marker….these are the moments that I will cherish most in years to come:)

  19. Kate says

    My favorite mother’s day memory just happened this year when our two year old got soooo excited about the crafts he made for me at daycare. Adorable.

  20. Jenny says

    My favorite Mother’s Day tradition was going to the huge Minneapolis Farmer’s Market with my parents and picking out big hanging baskets full of colorful flowers for Mom’s back patio. Sadly, my mom passed away in October…but we are heading to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow in her memory!

  21. Becky says

    My favorite memory is planting a small crape myrtle tree for my mom on Mother’s Day. The tree is still alive and huge now after all these years!

  22. Catherine says

    Like others I remember simple things for my mom, crafts and cards, flowers and hugs. Now my daughter is 3 and made me her first mothers day craft at school – a painted flower pot with little pansies. She couldn’t keep the secret and told me days before the party what they had made for us. So cute!

  23. Jennifer Arent says

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory is when my grandmother, my mother, and I attended the Mother’s Day Tea at my grandmother’s church while she still lived by us. I was 12 years old and we got all gussied up and had a marvelous time :)

  24. Megan says

    My favourite tradition is simply being with my mom. It was always a quiet day, some years there’d be the requisite jewelry or gaudy, handmade cards, and some years there would be none of that, but I always see her. That’s what makes it special.

  25. Jo says

    As a mom, I’d say that receiving a special something from my kids is amazing. When they were younger, cards made at school always warmed my heart. As they get older, they put more thought in their gifts, I feel appreciated and feel that they really like me as their mom! LOL! 😉

  26. Sheramy says

    Every year my Mother asked for flowers for her garden. Each year we would spend the day outside planting those flowers for her.

  27. Nicole says

    *love* to go out in the yard mothers day morning and do yoga or tai chi in the grass, then get the kids in on some foraging for greens for a super smoothie!! Perfect way to start the day… With an attitude of gratitude for the many blessings I am surrounded with. Hugs to all the beautiful mamas out there!

  28. Nadia says

    One of our traditions is singing Las Mananitas to my mother and then eating the cake we baked for her.

  29. Sue says

    When i was little i would go outside and pick a bouquet of ‘wild flowers'(aka weeds) and give them to mom as a special gift! Dandelions make a beautiful bouquet right?! :)

  30. Sabrina Ormsby says

    My favourite memory is the excitement my 3 year old has this year. Seeing her jump and cheer at giving me my mother’s day card is wonderful.

  31. Beth says

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory is when my sister and I would wake up early and make a special breakfast for my mom — blueberry or banana pancakes, fresh fruit and lots of coffee (which my mom loves!).

  32. April McMillan says

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory is of making my mother a homemade Mother’s Day card and trying to make her breakfast in bed. Now, Mother’s Day is a little bittersweet since she passed away from a brain aneurysm almost 15 years ago. My own daughter was just 6 months old and has grown up not knowing her grandma.

  33. Tasha says

    My mother’s favorite flowers were roses. One year each of her kids and grandchildren each gave her a rose bush. Though she is no longer with us we can still look at her yard at her most precious roses!

  34. Denise says

    I have the world’s worst memory, so I can’t pick one specific thing. We do spend the day together as a family, which is so much fun. :)

    I’m a new vegan still transitioning and this book would be so helpful. :)

  35. says

    I don’t have any! Not with my mom or with my kiddo. But the kiddo – who is 5 1/2 – made me super nice cards this year (she’s already given me 3:) and she made a great picture last year.

  36. says

    My favorite memory is as a child, making Mom something from the Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys and Girls (those of you of a certain age will no doubt remember that book!!).

    Now, 50+ years later, both my mom and I are vegan and still love sharing recipes and cooking for each other!

  37. Heather says

    I always like to do something outdoors. One year we took a hike to a waterfall and had a great picnic! Tomorrow we are going strawberry picking at a local organic strawberry farm. My girls always have red stained faces and full belly’s when we leave. : )

  38. says

    My children have spent most every mother’s day giving me their attention and indulgence in whatever comes to my mind to do; this year we will start by kayaking and then buying some herbs and vegetable plants for my deck garden. Their presence is all I ever wish. Well, except for also those apple oak pancakes – they sound amazing!

  39. says

    What makes my mom happiest on Mother’s Day is to have us all with her, and we are happy to oblige! The specific activities we do don’t really matter, she just likes spending that day with her family.

  40. Faith says

    I live in the same town as my mother, so every year I go over to her house early in the morning on Mother’s Day and start cooking a huge breakfast for the family. This year will be our first all-vegetarian Mother’s Day breakfast!!

  41. says

    This is my second Mothers Day as a bio mom. As a bonus mom its been a few more years. Just being able to hold my daughter in my arms is blessing enough. I waited so long for her, I’m so glad I did!

  42. Mary Ann says

    My favorite Mother’s day memory was my dad and and I making homemeade pancakes for my mom. Showering her with flowers picked from the yard, homemade cards and lots of hugs and kisses!

  43. says

    I remember making my mom breakfast in bed (including eggs and bacon, hah!) and while we were at church in our kids’ classes we’d always make some fun little craft for our moms.

  44. Crystal Creamer says

    I tweeted Also followed you. We always took out the mom’s in our family out to the same restuarant in town for years. It was a wonderful get together. We would be at the restuarant for hours. The owners got to know us and it was like a family reunion. Us kids while waiting for the adults to finish eating would go outside to play in the parking lot. Even though it closed down few years ago, everytime I got by it reminds me of the happy memories from there.

  45. Bitt says

    I remember doing lots of things like making breakfast in bed for my mom. But the best memory was working together with my siblings on something and feeling like we were in on a secret for awhile working on her surprise.

  46. Audrey says

    I love memories of being a kid and going into my Mom’s room and surprising her with breakfast in bed, homemade cards, and lots of hugs!

  47. jody says

    we’ve started a new tradition that everyone loves – we all meet at the “central” mom’s house and all the non-moms cook a huge brunch for all of the moms. as the majority of the family are non-vegans (this writer is the only one) the menu appeals to all and offers a range of delights! last year’s hit was a “Pacific Islander” fruit salad complete with papaya, mango, banana and pineapple. the main mom has diverticulitis and can’t eat the seeds of the yummy berries in season right now, but she LOVED this fruit salad option!

  48. Mary Sue Sylwestrzak says

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory is my kids bringing me breakfast in bed…they were very young then and are now in there 20s.

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