Maplelea: Review and Doll Giveaway!

When Maplelea approached me to offer a giveaway for the holidays, my answer was an immediate “YES”!  Do you know about Maplelea?  If you are a Canadian with a daughter, niece, or other special little girl in your life – you must get to know them.  Today, I will introduce you!
Maplelea is a Canadian company with a line of high quality, Canadian-themed, 18” vinyl play dolls, with eyes that open and close, and that are “an inspiration to and a reflection of, Canadian girls from coast to coast.”  Originally, Maplelea had 5 girls with distinct backgrounds, personalities, hobbies, interests, and passions. Last year, they added their sixth character doll, to complete their original line:
More recently, they have added an entire new line of 12 Maplelea Friends:
These friends are distinct looking dolls in need of a name, background story and wardrobe that real girls get to invent. Girls may choose a doll that resembles themselves (long blonde hair to short curly black) or their best friend or may select a playmate that’s entirely new to them. Each of the Maplelea Friends comes with a 64-page journal to fill in, adorable head-to-toe outfit and decorative storage box that can be used to store all the Maplelea treasures!
I was really excited to see this addition of the friends.  Our eldest girl has the Leonie doll, and our middle girl has the Alexi doll.  Our ‘wee’ girl is now 3 1/2, and we wanted to get her a Maplelea doll for Christmas.  But, none of the character dolls were ‘fitting’ her personality the way Leonie and Alexi seemed to suit our older girls.  But, then I saw THIS doll in the friends line – excitement!
This doll will be the big surprise for our wee girl on Christmas morning.  I know she will be thrilled, because she is always scuttling off with either Leonie or Alexi.  She wants her own doll now!  And this friends doll is just right!
Our daughters truly love their dolls.  They have little beds set up for them, and when our girls got bunk beds, they found a way to “bunk” their Maplelea girls:
Leonie and Alexi have joined us for berry picking, piano recitals, grocery shopping…

pumpkin patching…
and we even made Halloween costumes for them to trick or treat with us!
These dolls are special.  Beyond being extremely well-made and beautifully crafted.  Yes, they are a little expensive, but you are paying for quality.  A doll like this lasts for years and years.  And, these dolls represent REAL girls, with REAL lives, caring about things that young girls should care about, rather than trying to speed them through childhood into being a woman.  From Maplelea’s website:

It is hard not to be concerned about the plethora of “diva” type dolls on the market that emphasize body image, dating, glamour and sophistication. Childhood is short enough and our daughters shouldn’t wish it away, longing for the day they are older.  Maplelea Girls were created to be positive role models for our daughters. Each Maplelea Girl is a unique individual with her own preferences, interests and strengths, but all are bright, energetic, caring girls who are happy with just who they are at this time of their lives. 

Maplelea has generously offered to GIVE a Maplelea doll ($100 CDN value!) to one of my readers!  You may choose one of the original character dolls, or one of the new dolls in the Friends line!  This contest is ONLY open to Canadian residents. To enter, follow the options through rafflecopter below – you can gain multiple entries by “liking” our facebook pages and tweeting this giveaway… your choice!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Emily says

    I would choose the Maplelea friend with the shoulder length dark brown hair, medium light skin, brown almond shape eyes for my daughter! :)

  2. Melanie says

    I would choose the friend doll with the shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes…she looks just like my almost 6 year old daughter. We received a catalogue of these dolls with her Chirp Mag subscription and she just loves them!

  3. April says

    I think we’d have to pick Taryn. She seems like the beset fit to my daughter and my daughter loves to have toys and dolls that reflect who she is.

  4. says

    For my older daugther I would choose the Maplelea Friend with medium-long blonde hair, light skin, blue eyes, because that one resembles my daughter best, and she would love to have a doll to customize herself.

  5. Nickal says

    I was already excited about the doll giveaway but even more so now that I noticed that there are dark skinned dolls too! What little girl doesn’t want to identify with their dolly and how can she if the skin tone and hair texture is completely different? This is something that I did not have when I was little and is very important for me to change for my daughters. The beauty of all colours (black, blonde, brown) is reinforced by the selction of dolls and that is amazing!

  6. says

    I love these dolls! Taryn would be my pick for my girls – their great granny lives in banff and we try to get there a couple of times a year to see her (she is in a home there) and the girls always look so forward to going to the mountains. This last time we went hiking for the first time and it was great so she would fit right in with our family!
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