“In-the-kitchen-too-much” Winners!

Congratulations to the four winners listed below!  I have e-mailed you directly, so please check your inbox.
I enjoyed all your comments, and several surprised me with “vanilla beans” and “cocoa beans”… of course, how could we forget those two delicious, nutritious plant-powered beans?!  Great fun to read your replies – from “monolegumenous” to “keeping a can of beans in the car for emergencies” – just great! :D
My next post will be either: a a delicious oil-free cookie recipe that can be made with bowl/spoon OR a ‘no-dehyradator-needed kale chip recipe (doesn’t get bitter, and also oil-free!).  Tell me folks, which one is speaking to you? 
And, here is the list of winners!:
Winner #1: Michelle, with comment

Being new to the Vegan lifestyle, being an atypical cardio patient, I would love to win one of your cookbooks. I have already liked you on FB, shared the Giveaway and commented on the Giveaway post. Peace and health, Michelle

Winner #2: Denise, with comment

I tweeted. :) @A_HeartFor_More

Winner #3: Dawn, with comment:

New cookbook from Dreana, yes, please!! And you KNOW it will go to good use! Fave bean: chickpea or black bean, love both, and many more! XOXO!

Winner #4: Jill, with comment:

Hmmmm, my favorite bean would have to be the chickpea!

Thanks for all your entries, be sure to tell me which recipe/post you’d like next… the kale chips or the cookies (see above)?!

25 Responses to “In-the-kitchen-too-much” Winners!

  1. Valerie says:

    Kale chips, please. My kids love them, but I have had mixed results with making them in the oven.

  2. Cookies!! My sweet tooth is insatiable lately!

  3. Eva says:

    And…the kale slaw recipe with curried dressing is outrageous!

  4. Eva says:

    Kale chips please! I tried to make them before but was disappointed. I know your recipe will be great :-)

  5. Tiffany says:

    Congratulations winners!

    Dreena, I made your recipe for walnut pecan balls and cornmeal pancakes. Both recipes were absolutely wonderful!!

    Next on my list to make is your proper healthy granola bars :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day xoxo

  6. Peggy says:

    Kale chips, please!!

  7. Courtney says:


  8. Sara says:

    kale chips please!

  9. Congratulations Winners!

    I am a cookie fanatic, cookies please, in your next post. :)

  10. Karen says:

    Kale Chips! Any other Veg. at this time of plenty that becomes a seriously “fun” food!

  11. Becky says:

    I always love a good cookie recipe!

  12. heather says:

    kale chips please!

  13. Christine says:

    Kale chips, please. :)

  14. Jamie says:

    Kale chips please!

  15. Molly says:

    I vote for the cookie recipe!

  16. Jill says:

    I love kale chips!!! So excited to have won a cookbook. Thank you!

  17. That cookie recipe, please!

  18. Kim says:

    Kale chips please! I tried making them on a silicone tray in the microwave and had a fire! Then I tried making them in the oven and they were just burnt. Ughhhhh

  19. Katherine Stewart says:

    Both! Please!

  20. martie says:

    Kale chips!

  21. Ellery says:

    I would say kale chips, as I have been wanting to try making them and do not have a dehydrator and have been indulging in sweets too much recently :/

  22. Kale chips sound great! Although why do we need to choose? You are such a tease!! :P

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