“Hello Vegan” Bars + more recipes!

Happy Friday my plant-powered friends!  I decided to add more content to my recipes page today, so you will now find recipes there for (click the photo to link directly to the recipe)…

Jerk Chickpeas

Cocoa Cookie Dough Balls

Vegveeta Dip!

No-Fu Love Loaf

Moroccan Bean Stew

Moroccan Bean Stew

Plus, two recipes that you might not have seen or tried just yet!…

Roasted Red Pepper & Almond Hummus from the hummus chapter in eat, drink & be vegan:

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (from ed&bv) photo credit: fullatlast.blogspot.ca

Plus, these babies!  “Hello Vegan” Bars from Let Them Eat Vegan:

"Hello Vegan" Bars (photo credit: tahinitoo.wordpress.com)

Hope you enjoy, have a great weekend!

Have you tried any of these recipes? (if so, have any favorites?)… and, what plant-powered dishes are YOU cooking up this weekend? 😀


  1. Anna says

    Hi Dreena,

    I really want to try the jerk chickpeas. Would it affect the taste much if I left out the maple syrup? Or should I replace it with something else? I’m just trying to avoid any added sugars right now. Thanks! :)

  2. Pat says

    The Moroccan Bean Stew is absolutely delicious. Thanks you so much for this and all your other recipes which I regularly use.

  3. Andy says

    The Jerk Chickpeas look amazing – I have to try making those! I have been looking for some new recipe ideas and I’m glad I’ve found this site – already bookmarked it!

    Thank you, Dreena for sharing this!

  4. says

    Dreena, the Hello Vegan Bars came out great! I was wondering if you have any suggestions for how to use the rest of the canned coconut milk (the liquid part)? Thanks!

    • Dreena says

      excellent to hear – thanks for the report back. :) Save the extra liquid and either refrigerate it or freeze it – you can use it in thai-inspired soups/stews as part of the broth, for sauteeing veggies, etc!

  5. Andrea M says

    I made the Hello Vegan bars, and OMG they are good!!! They taste just like the chocolate coconut bars my mom used to make, but vegan! They were a huge hit with my carnivorous friends, which is a struggle sometimes. I am definitely adding these to my stash of favorites. Thank you!

  6. NinaBean says

    Hi Dreena, I would like to make the hello vegan bars. Is there anything I can substitute for the arrow root flour?
    Thank you

    • Dreena says

      NinaBean, do you have another thickener like cornstarch? I tend to use arrowroot most often, but cornstarch can be subbed here.

      • NinaBean says

        Yes ty. The hello vegan bars turned out great! The Carmel sauce is AH-Mazing! We had the Orange Mango smoothie from Vive Le Vegan this morning.
        Thanks so much Cant wait to try more of your recipes

  7. eva says

    I like it when you feature recipes because e.g. the cocoa balls – I passed them by in the book, then I saw them here and did not even realize until later that they are in my book (despite having looked through the book hundreds of times :-)). The cocoa balls are just lovely, and I like that you can vary the flavor a bit by adding almond extract or perhaps a hint of orange. I have the Nu-fu loaf on my list to make (and so many more recipes too).

    I made the artichoke/bean dip for the first time – sooo good.

    • Dreena says

      Thanks Eva. I wish I could have had photos for ALL the recipes! I agree, a recipe grabs your attention much quicker (and holds it!) with a photo. Thanks for the feedback on the Arti Dip! :)

  8. says

    A fantastic mix of recipes, here, and oddly enough, all ones I haven’t tried (except for the cocoa cookie dough balls. I could eat them hourly). Lovely photos, too!

    So glad you’re adding more recipes – you know I send people here all the time (and to the old recipes blog!)

  9. Laurie says

    Dreena, In July, my husband and I went on an Artic expedition to look for Polar Bears and I was worried that I might not be able to find any vegan food up there. I just have to tell you that I brought a bag full of your Cocoa Cookie Dough Balls and they were a lifesaver!!! They are full of yummy nutrients and held up perfectly for the full 3 weeks! There were times up there when all there was to eat was fish and dairy . . . so, Dreena to the rescue!! Thanks so much!!

    • Dreena says

      Oh wow, Laurie!! That is mighty cool, I can now say that my Cocoa Cookie Dough Balls have been on an Arctic expedition! – I haven’t, but close enough. 😉 I find they keep well too – great to know they helped you out in a rather unvegan eating environment!! Fun story, thanks so much. :)

  10. Emma says

    We’re having the Winter Vegetable Pot Pie and I just churned out a batch of Kids Dynamo Hummus from EDBV (my fave!).
    Also I made your Proper Healthy Granola bars yesterday – I love how not-too-sweet they are. My little guys likes them too (though he did end up with many crumbles, many places :)) I subbed raw buckwheat (soaked and dried) for the rice crisps – worked a treat.
    Oh yeah, we also had Corn Quinoa chowder Casserole a few nights ago. Everyone loves that one. Seriously thinking about making the Berry Patch brownies (again!) – I truly dream about those.

    • Dreena says

      You’ ve been busy, Emma! What a great idea using raw buckwheat instead of the rice crisps – bumps up the nutritional profile, and probably a little crunchier too! Those Berry Patch Brownies have become a ‘hot’ recipe – have several friends on twitter that make them often too. Thanks so much, really glad you are getting good mileage out of LTEV… now back to dreaming… :)

  11. says

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing more recipes. My favorite recipe (so far) is the lemon Mediterranean lentil salad. I just made the orange lentil soup with coriander and star anise and thought it was fabulous, too. :-)

    BTW, when I made the jerk chickpeas, they were definitely saucy, not pasty.

    • Dreena says

      You’re welcome – thanks for that, Janet. And, good to know about the Jerk Chickpeas. Sometimes canned chickpeas are more moist than chickpeas you cook from home too – that could be part of the equation too. Thanks again!

  12. Dreena says

    Hi Jenna, it should be moist – not saucy as such – but certainly moist and not dried out. Did you bake it covered for the first while, do you remember? If you make it again, you can try adding a tbsp or two of water, esp if you didn’t add any oil. Hope that helps some!

  13. says

    I’ve made the jerk chickpeas and they tasted great but mine turned out kind of dry. Not sure what went on there. My marinade was less sauce-y and more paste-y so it went on kind of dry.

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