Everyday Superhero: A book for kids of ALL abilities

I have something special to share with you today.  A children’s book that is particularly unique and heartfelt, and written by a fellow Canadian mom, Stefania Moffatt.  I have known Stefania for quite a few years.  She was one of my readers of my blog and books early on in my career.  She was one of the recipe testers for Let Them Eat Vegan.  In fact, one of her daughters helped name one of my recipes that I had no idea would become such a sensation – “No-fu Love Loaf”.  

Recently, Stefania wrote and self-published a children’s book, called “Everyday Superhero”, featuring Kat – a spunky, eight-year-old girl who has cerebral palsy (CP). Kat likes dancing, rollercoasters and driving her parents crazy with all her talking. Everyday Superhero documents Kat’s fun experiences such as dance class and explains how CP doesn’t slow Kat down. While the main character of Everyday Superhero has CP the book is aimed for kids of ALL abilities. The book can be read by kids, but Stefania encourages parents and those who work with children (e.g., teachers, daycare workers, social workers, physiotherapists, etc.) to read the book together and discuss the topic since it teaches kids about sensitivity towards others and overcoming adversity.  Stefania had a special and personal inspiration writing this book.  Her own strong and spirited niece, Katrina, lives with cerebral palsy.

Since being published in August 2012, Everyday Superhero has received much success and support. It was featured in The Ottawa Citizen, newsletters, blogs and made an appearance on TV.  An excerpt from the Citizen article:

Reading a work of fiction that closely mirrors your own life can be a great source of inspiration, particularly when you see yourself reflected in a spunky, upbeat protagonist who has overcome adversity through sheer will and an uber-positive attitude.  That’s just what happened to 13-year-old Holly George; she says that she caught a strong glimpse of herself in the pages of the new book, Everyday Superhero.  Holly, who was born nearly four months premature and was diagnosed with CP at age one, says that the book sends a very positive message about kids living with a disability.

“I think the book reminds kids with disabilities that even though you might be a little bit different, you’re not alone,” says George. … “Sometimes kids will come up to me and abruptly ask, ‘What’s on your legs?’” she says. “I always try to answer their questions so that I’m not viewed as ‘scary.’  “Perhaps, with the help of increased awareness through books like Everyday Superhero, more people will grow to understand Holly’s simple message. “Just because I have this disability doesn’t mean I can’t do everything you can do — I just do it a little differently.”

Everyday Superhero will also soon be available through the Ottawa Library (and please ask YOUR local library to carry it, you can do so!), children’s hospitals across Canada, daycares and many other kid-friendly places.

photo of Stefania Moffatt (right) and Holly George. Photo credit: The Ottawa Citizen.

About Stefania Moffatt, the author: After a successful but brief career in communications, Stefania traded in her office suits for aprons and slippers. As a stay-at-home mom, writer and nutritionist, she often think of stories while cleaning up after my two senior dogs and cooking and baking for two beautiful children and a multi-talented husband. During her spare time, which consists of a few blissful hours when the children are tucked in bed, Stefania indulges in reading, watching the “occasional” reality show and planning parties and travel. She’s a graduate of Carleton University with a bachelor of journalism and political science and also holds a diploma in holistic nutrition.  You can follow Stefania on twitter, read her blog and contact her by email at stefaniamoffatt@gmail.com.

Everyday Superhero can be purchased for $15 (inc shipping) through Stefania’s site via PayPal.  She also accept cheques and e-mail bank transfers (email her to arrange that form of payment).  I have purchased two copies of Everyday Superhero.  I am keeping one copy for our girls, and the other I plan to give away to another family.  Please consider supporting this beautiful book, message, and author.  


  1. Vegyogini says

    Dreena, thanks so much for featuring this awesome book! I volunteer with an incredible organization called Life Rolls On that takes people with spinal cord injuries and other differently-abled people surfing, so this book hits close to home for me. There’s a set of twins with Cerebral Palsy who have surfed with us a couple times and so many others who I can see getting great value out of this book. How inspiring!

    • Dreena says

      Oh, Vegyogini, that is really touching. Sounds like a lovely organization, I hope they can get a copy of the book and also spread it further. Thanks for the note, and for the idea for Stefania :)

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