Exclusive Recipe Preview from “My Beef With Meat”: CHOCOMOLE! (vegan, gluten-free, and oil-free)


It’s somewhat fitting that my last post talked about avocado sauce and guacamole – and tips for storing both. Today I have another avocado recipe for you… though, this time I truly doubt you will have ANY leftovers!

This recipe is an exclusive sneak peek from Engine 2 Diet‘s new book My Beef with Meat: The Healthiest Argument for Eating a Plant-Strong Diet. This book follows Rip Esselstyn’s bestselling Engine 2 Diet, which has helped people transform their health through a whole-foods plant-based diet. If you follow E2D on facebook, you will regularly see testimonials from their readers of weight loss, lowered cholesterol, and even disease reversal (heart disease and diabetes most notably).


In just a few weeks, Rip’s new book “My Beef With Meat” hits shelves. In this new book, Esselstyn shares insight about the foods that most people believe are healthy, yet science reveals are not.  My Beef With Meat tackles the questions and skepticism surrounding a plant-based diet, including how we don’t need meat and dairy to have strong bones or get enough protein, how we can get enough calcium and iron in plants, and the problems with the (currently trendy) Paleo fad-diet. In short, Rip delivers the message – and proof – that if you eat plants, you lose weight and feel great.

Today, Engine 2 Diet has kindly given my plant-powered readers an early inside scoop on this book with an exclusiverecipe release!

This CHOCOMOLE is family-friendly, easy, and scrumptious. So, get a spoon. Who needs a bowl? 😉


Chocomole LINK to RECIpage print/share

Prep time: 5 minutes  Makes: 1 cup

1 ripe avocado
1/3 cup pure maple syrup
¼ cup cocoa powder
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 tsp cinnamon (optional)
1/4 tsp sea salt
¼ cup water (or more if needed)

Instructions: Process everything in a food processor or blender. Add water as needed until smooth.

Variations: If you don’t like the cinnamon taste do not add it. Or, instead of cinnamon add a drop of mint extract. Or add a pinch of cayenne for some heat! Add fruit to make a delicious parfait.

You can preorder My Beef With Meat now, and can visit their new site for more information.

Have you made avocado pudding before? What are your favorite variations? Have you read Engine 2 Diet? 


    • Dreena says

      Kim, not for this recipe, the base is using avocado. There *are* many silken tofu chocolate pudding recipes, however – for example, the chocolate frosting from my “Triple-Layer Chocolate Cream Cake” in my cookbook “The Everyday Vegan” is similar to most variations of a chocolate silken tofu pudding recipe. You can flavor with orange extract, almond, mint, etc. Also, link over to my recipe page and try my “Chocolate Chia Pudding”. It’s a popular recipe, and no avocado! :)

  1. Lisa says

    Isn’t this recipe a little bit too high in fat and sugar? Is this straight from Rip’s cookbook? I sure would appreciate some guidance because I am very new to this. Thank you!

    • Dreena says

      Hi Lisa, yes, this is a reprint directly from ‘My Beef With Meat’. Avocado is a whole food fat, and is also rich in other nutrients. Still, I’m not an expert with their specific nutritional program, you may want to contact them directly with any Qs about how it fits in their diet plan, servings per day/week, etc.

  2. Becky says

    Question- Is the avocado frozen at all? Or do you make this at room temperature? I can’t wait to try this!!

    • Dreena says

      hi Becky, no it’s not frozen, you make it at room temp and then can refrigerate for prob a day or two – avoc-based desserts don’t keep long.

  3. says

    This book is awesome! Rip breaks down plant-based nutrition like no one else. As vegans, we often get lots of questions about our B12 and Protein intake. Rip makes it easier to answer these sort of questions with confidence. The recipes looks delicious too! If anyone is looking at getting Rip’s new book “My Beef with Meat”, Forks to Feet is giving away a copy for free. Enter here: http://www.forkstofeet.com/2013/06/my-beef-with-meat-giveaway.html
    Thanks for the recipe preview! I look forward to making some more MBWM recipes, along with my Engine 2 favorites!

  4. Jenc says

    I preordered Rip’s book and started reading it yesterday. I’m a new vegan so I do get asked questions from my friends – more out of curiosity so this book will help! I can’t wait to try some of the recipes. I made the chocomole last night and it was outstanding! My husband could not believe it was made from avocado. I’ll love feeding this to my kids over unhealthy, store-bought pudding. Thanks!

  5. Charlene says

    My husband follows Dr. Esselstyn’s program religiously; however avocados are a no no. So this recipe is really not oil free. I will try ot for my dinner guests and my husband will have his usual sorbet! :(

  6. says

    Just made this for my 3 1/2 year old. We’re both vegan and he could totally use the higher whole food plant based fat in this; it was REALLY good, hoping he loves it! Can’t wait to get this book 😉

  7. Fran says

    I just have one comment that comes from experience. Making an avocado based pudding is out of this world – but it must be eaten right away or within a few hours. I once made it, and my son in law couldn’t get over how good it was. He convinced me to double the recipe – which was to be served the next day. The avocado taste was overwhelming and it tasted like it had gone bad. What a waste :-(

  8. says

    this was a delicious dessert for my husband and I, very rich an creamy….. a real treat! I will even admit to licking the spatula ; )

    thanks Dreena for the preview to the new book!
    Elaine recently posted..time is goldenMy Profile

  9. Danielle P. says

    I made this for dessert this evening after a rather difficult day, and its rich taste and silky texture are absolutely perfect to soothe the soul!

  10. says

    Ok, I think this photo/recipe just convinced me to buy the book. Yum- I’m going to make it tonight!

    Rip – you should come back to your hometown and make an appearance at the Inaugural Cleveland VegFest on June 1st!

  11. says

    Just tried it! So excited, it IS DELICIOUS!!! Didn’t wait to chill it even! Thank you for sharing this. I have already pre-ordered the book and am looking forward to May :)

    • Dreena says

      Lacey, I’m not sure, the servings weren’t detailed (I don’t think) but may be in they book. I’d guess probably 2. I know when I have a pudding like this, it is so satisfying and rich that I don’t need to eat a lot. The fats are whole foods plant fats, which unless you are on a very strict low/no fat diet, are important in our diets, and help to metabolize other nutrients. Maple syrup is a natural sweetener, but you could always reduce the amount if it’s too much sweetener for you personally.

  12. says

    Sounds like an interesting book, looking forward to getting it one day! I’m especially interested in what he says about the Paleo diet. I honestly am tired of hearing about the paleo diet. I am a pretty flexible person and I do believe that not everyone does well on the same diet. I do believe there are people out there who physically can’t get enough iron from plant sources (luckily my body has no problems in this area!). However, I CANNOT believe that a paleo diet is a healthy option for most people. How can the world even sustain that? NOT possible. And I really get irked about articles and blogs that say that all grains are bad, legumes are bad, bodies are not meant to eat them, etc. etc. etc. I hope this fad dies down pretty soon…
    Honey recently posted..Vegan CalzonesMy Profile

    • says

      The two big dueling diets right now are paleo and planteo. I believe that the paleo diet is just a good gimmick. The paleo people have taken the South Beach/Atkins diets and put a little spin on it. There are some positives with paleo, such as no refined or processed foods, and no dairy products. But any diet that promotes animal products with saturated fats, and animal protein isn’t promoting health. The consensus among the researchers who have studied the diets of humans in paleo times have said that at least 80 percent of their food was plant-based. Yes, they ate some animals, but we’ve evolved since then, we’re smarter; we do not need, want, or get healthy from animal products. Back in the day, you would do anything you could to get calories into your body–it was a matter of survival. But in this day and age, you can go down the street to any grocery store and get all that you need without resorting to animal flesh.
      An interesting article in US News & World Report in 2011 reviewed many different popular diets and decided that the one people should avoid is the paleo diet.
      What about the people who say that they get results from a paleo diet? That’s because the Standard American Diet (SAD) is such an abomination you will get good results when switching to any diet that is even remotely healthier. If you want to get to the next step, cut out the meat!

      Stick to your plant-strong guns, Honey!
      Rip recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  13. Courtney says

    I’ve made a avocado pudding before-didn’t turn out so great.I think it was the cacao powder. More power to the people who like cacao but I just don’t like it. I just use cocoa powder.
    I can’t wait to make this pudding! Thank you for sharing!

  14. kim says

    ok Rip and Dreena….I’m convinced loll I’m going to try this. Ive been trying to introduce more avocado’s to my family but I get a little resistance. I found a juice recipe and that was a hit so now pudding…..I”M IN loll. BTW I have BOTH of your cookbooks woohoo

  15. Gloria says

    I love avocado! Plain, guacamole, smoothies, etc!

    Do you have a suggestion for diabetics who cannot use maple syrup or similar?

    • Dreena says

      Me too, Gloria! What sweeteners can you use – any? I do a version in my cookbook Let Them Eat Vegan that uses orange juice – you could try adding that instead, and maybe a few pinches of stevia if you can use that/like it. If there are other sweeteners you can use in any amount, I’ll try to give other ideas. :)

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