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My Fitness Routine: Muscle-Conditioning, Bellicon, and Yoga

Well it took me a couple of months, but finally talking about my fitness routine. Why? I get a lot of questions about what I do to stay in shape. I’m happy to share more about my routine. But first let’s backtrack a little, because I’d like for you to know that anyone can start and… Continue Reading

Yes, Vegan Women DO Get Wrinkles

This past week I did a brief interview for, about vegan parenting.  With some of the controversy that arose with the “Vegan Is Love” book, I was asked a few questions.  They posted the piece yesterday. Today I read this comment that was posted to the article. This person said: “What I have noticed… Continue Reading

I’m honored to be in this cookbook, available for preorder.

The Blender Girl’s book will be HUGE! Available for preorder!

Glorious cookbook, should be in everyone’s kitchen!



Vegan Cuts

Wildside Jar for green smoothies, thick and nut-based sauces and dessert purees. I use mine 1-2x/day.

Twister Jar is the BEST for healthy, homemade salad dressings and sauces

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