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Blueberry Coffee Cake from “Super Seeds” cookbook (+giveaway)

Today I have a feature recipe from Super Seeds by Kim Lutz. I met Kim at VVC almost two years ago. In a conference filled with excitable energy, I was struck by Kim’s calm, modest and beautifully gentle spirit. Kim is also a mother of two, and blogs at Welcoming Kitchen, which is the title of her first cookbook. Kim… Continue Reading

Momo Granola Bars: Matt Frazier’s No Meat Athlete

In the last few years, there has been quite a spotlight on plant-based fitness. When I first became vegan, there was little talk of vegan athletes. Now, it’s very different. A plant-based diet is finally getting the recognition it deserves in the arena of fitness and athletic pursuits – as being the optimal diet to… Continue Reading

Let Them Eat GREENS! Leafy Greens 101: How To Buy, Prepare, Store, and Cook with Leafy Greens

  It’s easier than you might think to eat nutrient-dense leafy greens. I understand how intimidating bunches of kale, chard, and collards can look on those grocery shelves. Hey, I grew up eating iceberg lettuce – correction, I grew up eating a lot of junk – and the ONLY lettuce I ate was some iceberg… Continue Reading

Apple Hemp Muffins (vegan, wheat-free, and oil-free)

If you eat vegan or raw, you know that hemp is hot!  I’ve been using hemp seeds in my recipes for years (before it was um, ‘hip to eat hemp’).  When I started using hemp seeds and talking about them in my recipes, I got that “ohhhh, you are hippity dippity!” sort of reaction. People… Continue Reading

Pumpkin Chia Pudding and Raw Chocolate Pudding Parfait Cups

Halloween is fast-approaching, and I thought I’d bring you a sweet treat to please kids and adults alike.  Double-duty: This would also make a beautiful holiday dessert for those of you now looking forward to Thanksgiving.  With how much our family loves my Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding (and how well received it was by all… Continue Reading

Product Review: YogaEarth’s Keen-Wah Decadence Bars

Once in a while a new food find is particularly exciting.  No surprise this particular find is chocolate-related. These new line of superfood “Keen-Wah Decadence” bars by are crazy-good!  Made with high-quality, whole-food ingredients, you will be surprised that they do taste decadent as promised! There are three flavors of these vegan, organic, gluten-free… Continue Reading

“Oven Dehydrated” Kale Chips (no dehydrator needed!)

  I’ve had a problem.  A kale chip problem.  I have been buying too many packages of dehydrator-made-deliciously-expensive kale chips. Why not make them myself?  Well, I don’t have a dehydrator, which truly makes the best kale chips.  I’ve made them in the oven before, but guess what?  They lose that gorgeous vibrant green color… Continue Reading

NEW! Cinnamon Cookie Dough Bars (and photos of LTEV signing at Chapters)

I have a new recipe for you today, these yumbo bumbo Cinnamon Cookie Dough Bars… But first, thought I’d show a few pictures from my book signing at Chapters this past weekend.  My girlfriend Vicki was good enough to snap some pics – thanks my dear friend! ♥ First up, the table shot – the flowers… Continue Reading

Ch-Ch Chocolate Coconut Ch-Ch-Chia Pudding!

  I know.  The “ch-ch-ch-CHIA” thing has gotten old.  But, it’s so hard to resist using it!  So I use it here – just the once. If you aren’t familiar with chia seeds, they are itty bitty seeds that pack a nutritional punch!  Reported to have the richest and most stable source of omega 3′s, chia… Continue Reading

Plant-Powered Food Spotlight: Goji Berries!

A few years ago, goji berries were pretty ‘fringe’.  Now, we are seeing them in recipes and food products, as they truly are a very nutrient-dense “super food”! How are they so special?  To start, gogi berries are very high in antioxidants.  Antioxidants are measured by a scale called the ORACtest.  The ORAC value for gogi berries is usually… Continue Reading

Wildside Jar for green smoothies, thick and nut-based sauces and dessert purees. I use mine 1-2x/day.

Twister Jar is the BEST for healthy, homemade salad dressings and sauces

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