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Glow from the Inside Out: Vegan Lifestyle Skincare, Skin Renewal Products, and Cosmetics

I’ve had a lot of emails and requests to share information about (1) my beauty/skin care tips, and (2) my exercise routine. So, I’m going off the recipe path a little to share 2 posts with you, one about skin care and cosmetics (today!), and another about my exercise routine. I’ll preface my post with… Continue Reading

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: Whole-Grain Vegan Breads To Love!

The past few weeks on my facebook page I’ve been posting some of the lunches I pack for the girls at school. After posting a sandwich that I made for hubby, I was asked: “Did you make the bread?” “Any suggestions for good vegan commercially made bread besides Ezekiel?” A1: No. (breathe a sigh of relief,… Continue Reading

Plant-Powered Food Spotlight: Goji Berries!

A few years ago, goji berries were pretty ‘fringe’.  Now, we are seeing them in recipes and food products, as they truly are a very nutrient-dense “super food”! How are they so special?  To start, gogi berries are very high in antioxidants.  Antioxidants are measured by a scale called the ORACtest.  The ORAC value for gogi berries is usually… Continue Reading

Bunk Beds, Blueberry Muffins, and One Cat Sitting Pretty

Occasionally I write non-food posts.  Yet, somehow food is often still connected.  I guess that’s true of anything in life.  Food IS connected to just about everything we do.  Like bunk beds.  You might think food has little to do with them.  Ahhh, but I have a story. See, we moved house back in December…. Continue Reading

Wildside Jar for green smoothies, thick and nut-based sauces and dessert purees. I use mine 1-2x/day.

Twister Jar is the BEST for healthy, homemade salad dressings and sauces

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