Bunk Beds, Blueberry Muffins, and One Cat Sitting Pretty

Occasionally I write non-food posts.  Yet, somehow food is often still connected.  I guess that’s true of anything in life.  Food IS connected to just about everything we do.  Like bunk beds.  You might think food has little to do with them.  Ahhh, but I have a story.

See, we moved house back in December.  Just a few weeks before Christmas, with three kids.  Yes, we like to live on the edge!  Anyhow, we had been wanting to move for a few years.  We were on a busy street and our kids could not go outside to play – in fact I wouldn’t even let them out in the front yard on their own.  Of course, our girls initially did not want to move.  Our two older girls share a room, and have been talking about bunk beds for years.  We agreed that if we found  a new home, we would get them bunk beds.

We moved, rang in the new year, and it was time to deliver the beds!  I grew up with bunk beds as a child.  We had six girls and only two bedrooms (and ONE full bathroom – can you imagine?)!  My father was handy, and he built bunk beds right into our walls.  They were the coolest!  And they were unbelievably sturdy!  My dad built custom features into the beds, including drawers and a pull-out book shelf.  Since he passed away when I was 11, I have very fond memories of those bunk beds, and still have one piece of woodwork that he had attached to the beds.

So, when I was looking for bunk beds for the girls, I wanted something just as sturdy, and hopefully almost as special.  Something that would give me a sense of security, and them years of childhood memories.  But I wasn’t finding it in our stores in the Vancouver area.  Everything was cookie-cutter, lower quality, and nothing looked rugged and durable.

So, I did what comes naturally… I googled.  And found THIS image:

Belair Twin over Double Bunk Bed

YEAH!  Exactly what I was looking for!  This bunk bed from Belair Kids Furniture had everything I was looking for:  Sturdy with stairs instead of a ladder, fresh design, and a double-bed bottom bunk (for future friend sleepovers).  I made some calls.  It wasn’t easy, because Belair currently only has retailers in Ontario and Quebec.  I spoke with several representatives and received excellent customer service.  We ordered the bed, and it was on its way.

When it arrived, we were instructed by Belair to have “a couple of strong people help move the pieces”.  They weren’t joking.  This bed is heavy-duty.  I think a few pro-wrestlers could throw down on this thing!  Here are some “in production” pics:

Deciding where to place the stair-end…

Once we reached this stage, we called it a night.  Or a few nights, because our schedule did not permit more bunk bed assembly until the next weekend.  So, the girls slept at the base of the bed with their mattresses side-by-side.  They had fun!  It was like “camping out” for them.  I told them that was as close as mom would get to camping. 😉

As we were moving around the staircase, miss Sarabi got comfortable…

Sittin’ pretty…

ooooh, there’s a drawer here!…

Ever notice that when you are in the midst of some involved sorting/moving/organizing/assembling/packing… the cat is THERE!  Just to remind you of how gloriously relaxed life is in their feline world.  Purring, all the while looking at you and probably thinking… “Silly human beings, I’m just going to sit back and watch.  Right in the middle of the action. Don’t mind me while I nap.”

I did mention food!  This is where it comes in.  Remember I said we needed some help moving those pieces?  Well, hubby’s friend and hockey coaching cohort jumped at the chance to help.  Truly, he did.  He seemed to enjoy the process!  Bizarre!  Still, I couldn’t help but wanted to thank him for taking a couple of hours out of his Saturday afternoon to move and assemble bunk beds.  I thank with baking.  So, I sent him home with a batch of these from Let Them Eat Vegan

BF Blueberry Muffins

These muffins are made with oat and spelt flour, no white flours, and just a small amount of unrefined sugar.  They have a hint of lemon that shines with the natural blueberry flavor.  (And I know at least one reader baking these over and over – Donna, I’m talking to you!) :) What’s “BF” you ask?… See here.

AND, I sent him home with a batch of these babies as well, also from Let Them Eat Vegan

Award Winning Frosted B-raw-nies (click image to recipe link)

Once the beds were fully assembled, it was on to bedding.  I wasn’t sure what to get, as two older daughters are quite different.  Our eldest is not into ‘girly things, whereas our middle girl embraces most of it!  The sheets were easy.  They both loved this ladybug print, and the sheet sets were not at all expensive (found them at HomeSense, which isn’t always economical, but these sheets were very reasonable).


As you can see, “Fluffy” approved of the sheets.

As did “Rescue”…

Since it’s warming up here, I opted for light quilts instead of heavy duvets.  I wasn’t set on necessarily matching the twin and double beds, but to somehow coordinate the two.  First, I picked out a few solid colors and primary color themes.  But, my eldest surprised me when she chose this set (again from HomeSense):

I guess there is some ‘girly’ in her after all! Both girls loved these sheets and had a good time coordinating a couple of simple pillows.

And of course, the pups were content once again when the beds were neatly made…

That pillow in front was lovingly crafted by Nanny last year.  One pillow for each girl with their initial in the centre. ❤

On the left side of beds, behind the staircase, is a little cubby of storage.  We set up a few pillows and stuffies for the girls to have a “quiet” area.  (As IF, that was some wishful thinking on mommy’s part!)

Wait, who is that hiding out?…

SO hard to be the littlest sister!  Please let me be part of the bunk bed fun!

We’ve been using the bunk beds now for over a month.  We love them.  They are sturdy and fun, and the girls think their bedroom is a “fort”!  We’ve joked that if we moved, the bunk beds might be staying with the house!  Or, we recruit a few more hands and I make a LOT of muffins and brownies.

Do you have a special childhood memory like a bunk bed?  Or do your children now have bunk beds that they love?

*I have not been paid to write this feature of the Belair bed.  We bought the bed, and because I love the design and was impressed with the level of service that we received from Belair, I decided to share a review.  Hopefully other retailers (including those in Western Canada) will start to carry Belair products.


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