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After publishing 4 cookbooks, the Plant-Powered 15 is Dreena’s first ebook! It’s a collection of 15 WHOLE FOODS vegan recipes, all OIL-FREE and FLAVOR-FULL!Recipes include: Black Bean Soup with Sweet Potatoes, Mac-nificent, Sticky Almond Blondies, Umami Almond and Sun-dried Tomato Burgers, Creamy House Dressing, Wonder Spread, Almond Zen Granola… Read more in this post, including photos and all the recipe details. Just $6.95, order via PayPal:

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Let Them Eat VeganDreena’s most recent published cookbook (May 2012), is already in its second printing. Read what people are saying about these recipes – and add your own review.

Dreena’s books, from the beginning…

The Everyday Vegan

The Everyday Vegan was my first cookbook.  I had been vegan for several years, but it was my father-in-law’s heart attack that inspired me to write.  The cardiologist assigned to my father-in-law had been discussing treatments and recovery.  My husband’s parents wanted long-lasting improvements and change, rather than undergo invasive medical procedures for a short-term fix.  They knew lifestyle change was necessary to reverse the course of this heart disease.  The cardiologist was vegetarian, and recommended Dr. Dean Ornish’s program for preventing and reversing heart disease. When the cardiologist strongly advised a low-fat plant-based diet, my husband’s parents looked at us and said “what are we going to eat?!!”.  Vegan cookbooks and resources were scarce at that time.  I had recipes in my pocket, and set out to share them.  Roughly two years later, The Everyday Vegan brought a collection of low-fat recipes using ‘everyday’ ingredients.


Vive le Vegan!

With the ‘birth’ of my first book came the birth of my first baby.  A whole new food journey began as I had this wee baby completely dependent on me – to properly nourish that little growing body!  No pressure, right?!  I began to utilize a wider range of plant foods, like different grains and beans, and also found ways to cook and bake more quickly.  And, I knew other new moms would be in a similar situation, wondering how to feed their babes and also how to create wholesome meals and snacks for growing children.  Vive le Vegan! was ‘born’, and became known for its healthy baked goods and easy (but tasty) family-fare.  Vive also includes and entire section for feeding vegan babies and toddlers!  It begins with a food introduction schedule, from 6 months to 24 months, and then I give food preparation tips and examples for each of those feeding stages.  Even if you don’t have children, you’ll find some favorites in Vive le Vegan! - like my Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies, which have become my signature cookie and one of the best-loved vegan cookie recipes ever!


eat, drink & be vegan

Soon after Vive was published, I had my second baby (yep, there’s a pattern here)!  During my cookbook ‘break’ I was asked for more and more wheat-free and gluten-free recipes, especially baked goods.  In eat, drink & be vegan, my third cookbook, I delivered (recipes that is, not the baby)!  Eat, drink & be vegan is a celebratory book, with scrumptious dips and nibblers, entrees, and desserts.  There’s even an entire chapter devoted solely to hummus (it’s deserving of at least a chapter, if not a whole book).  With its combination of wheat-free recipes, wholesome recipes with exciting taste twists (think: Thai Chick-un Pizza, Chipotle Lime Two-Bean Hummus, Chocolate Pumpkin Pie), and some slick food photos, eat, drink & be vegan has become a vegan hit and my most popular book to date.  That is, until the arrival of…


Let Them Eat Vegan!

Another baby girl… time for another vegan cookbook!  This one took a little longer to write.  Almost four years.  I do have three girls, remember?!  With an active family, I was inspired to make whole foods more interesting and delicious.  My cooking has evolved through the years, and my newest (and biggest) cookbook - Let Them Eat Vegan - represents this evolution.  You won’t find any ‘white stuff’ in this book – no white flour, white sugar, white pasta – and no vegan substitutes like mayonnaise or cream cheese.  These are nutritionally dense recipes, made with the plant-powered vegan basics: beans, nuts, grains and whole-grain products, and produce. Even the sweets are healthier than most.  And, I’ve given you informational sections like your “Eating Your Greens”, “Plant-Powered Lunchbox”, and “Plant-Powered Pantry”.  Plus, all the recipes are either wheat-free or gluten-free, and are not soy-heavy. With a sprinkling of raw delights for good measure - Let Them Eat Vegan dishes up some plant-powered specialties for everyone!

More babies in the works?… uh, no.  More books?  Stay tuned… there are always furry friends to join the family!

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