Top 5 Halloween Recipes (and share YOUR picks!)

What are your favorite recipes for Halloween? Today I’m sharing my top picks for Halloween. These vegan treats have been popular with my kiddos, and also festive for Halloween parties. After reading my roundup, add your favorite plant-based recipe links in the comments (I’ll add some back to my post, see below.)

Dreena's Top 5 Halloween Recipes #vegan

My top 5 Halloween recipes are…

1. Pumpkin Chia Pudding

Our girls love this pudding, and it’s easy to make. Take it one step further by layering with Chocolate Mousse.

Pumpkin Chia Pudding by Dreena Burton #vegan #glutenfree

Photo credit: Nicole Axworthy


2. Green Chickpea Hummus:

When I created this recipe, I wasn’t thinking about Halloween. But, doesn’t it look ghoulish? Fun party dip for sure!

Green Chickpea Hummus by Dreena Burton #vegan #glutenfree #nutfree #oilfree


3. Cream of Pumpkin Soup with Maple-Spiced Pepitas

I shared this recipe for Thanksgiving, but look how you can spook it up for Halloween! That web design is actually really easy, here’s a youtube demonstration.

Cream of Pumpkin Soup with Maple-Spiced Pepitas #vegan #glutenfree

Photo credit: Emma Potts


4. Sugar-Free Caramel Apples

Kids will love these. (You will too.) You can also use the caramel as a dip for fruit slices, more details in the post.

Sugar-free caramel apples by Dreena Burton, Plant-Powered Kitchen #vegan #glutenfree


5. 2-Ingredient Chocolate Lollibats

I mean, they are cute, right? You can use other Halloween-themed molds, pumpkins or ghosts, maybe?

Chocolate Lollibats by Dreena Burton #vegan #glutenfree #dairyfree

I’d love to know YOUR favorite Halloween recipes. Share your own link, or a link fom another blog. I’ll select 5 to add back to this post!

Happy Halloween!

x Dreena

Updating with YOUR links! …

Check out Kristina’s collection of wickedly fun Halloween treats, including these PIZZA PEPPER JACKS (I’d say they’re a heck of a lot easier to carve than pumpkins):


Next, check out Alexa’s COOL decorations and her Dried Pear and Apples Slices.

And, how about these stunning Creepy Crawly Sugar Cookies from My Darling Vegan…? Amazing!


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