Peach Crumble Smoothie: The Blender Girl Smoothies book

Just before summer began, I received a review copy of The Blender Girl Smoothies. This is Tess Masters’ second cookbook, releasing just a year after her debut (and hugely successful) The Blender Girl cookbook.

This book is 100% smoothies (all vegan and gluten-free). It’s based on Tess’s recent smoothie app which I posted about last fall. The app is spectacular – super slick, fun, and interactive. I still love an old-school a hard copy book in my hands, though. So I loved getting my plant-powered hands on this one!

And so did our kiddo! I opened the review copy as we were walking in the front door one day after school. As soon as our daughter Charlotte saw it, she gasped and said “mom, can we make one – now?

The Blender Girl Smoothies book

Char LOVES smoothies. She loves fruit in general, I have a hard time keeping fresh fruit in the house for how much we eat as a family… and how much she can eat on her own! So, when she saw this book cover with these gorgeous, refreshing smoothies on a hot day after school – she just could not wait to make one!

She had been experimenting with making smoothies the week before for a class project, so wanted to choose one herself and do the prep and blending. She immediately chose the Peach Crumble Smoothie. I know she would have chosen a berry smoothie if she had been making it just for her. But, since she was sharing with her two sisters, this smoothie could not be of the berry persuasion. :)

Peach Crumble Smoothie from The Blender Girl Smoothies #vegan #dairyfree

We loved the combination of flavors and textures in this recipe. The use of orange juice with non-dairy milk was reminiscent of a creamsicle. The addition of oats and cashews helped make the smoothie thick and creamy. We didn’t use the optional boosters, and the smoothie was fabulous as-is! With peaches seasonal now, this is such a refreshing, delicious smoothie on a hot day – but I think frozen mangoes would substitute very well in the fall and winter as well!

Tess knew this was a family favorite, and was so kind to allow us to reprint it for you to enjoy as well.


link to print/share

The healing power of peaches makes the nasties crumble: vitamin C scavenges free radicals and fights infection, beta-carotene converts to retinol for eye health, fatty acids help maintain healthy mucous membranes and skin elasticity, and potassium helps regulate heart rate and lower blood pressure. Or just enjoy the flavor. Serves 2

1 cup (240ml) freshly squeezed orange juice
1 cup (240ml) unsweetened almond milk, rice milk, or hemp milk (strained if homemade)
1⁄2 cup (44g) rolled oats
1⁄2 teaspoon natural vanilla extract
1 tablespoon raw unsalted cashews, soaked (see page 6)
1 tablespoon pure maple syrup
1⁄8 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1⁄2 medium frozen sliced banana
2 cups (320g) frozen peaches

optional boosters:
1 tablespoon plain or vanilla-flavored vegan yogurt
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 tablespoon flaxseed oil

Throw all of the ingredients into your blender and blast on high for 30 to 60 seconds, until smooth and creamy.

Reprinted from THE BLENDER GIRL SMOOTHIES Copyright © 2014, 2015 by Tess Masters. Photographs copyright © 2014 by Erin Kunkel. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House

If you love smoothies, you really need to get your hands on this book! It will inspire you to try new ingredients and flavor combinations in your smoothies to make them exceptionally tasty and nutritious!

I’ll be back soon with another recipe. Don’t forget to enter the Vega giveaway, just a couple of days left.

Enjoy…  x Dreena

Giveaway: VEGA Gift Pack + Plant-Powered Families (over $200!)

Giveaway of VEGA bundle and Plant-Powered Families cookbook Many of you know I love my green smoothies. I’ve been making them daily for about 10 years, and so far haven’t tired of them! I pretty much make the same combination most days. No recipe needed, just a general sense of ingredients and proportions, and modifying as I go.

Initially when I started making green smoothies, I didn’t add any protein powders. Later, I started experimenting with Vega products. Over time, I found a few favorites I really enjoyed – and over time, I noticed that the flavor profiles of Vega really improved. Now, Vega has quite a wide range of products from nutritional shakes to sport drinks to incredibly delicious snack bars.

Why do I use Vega? I just love it! It’s not that I feel we “need” the protein. I do appreciate its nutritional profile, especially when days are busy for us and the kids. But I also just love the flavors. Is that peculiar? When I make my green smoothies and add the vanilla, coconut almond, or tropical powders, the flavor is elevated… tastier! Plus, because of its nutritional profile, adding vega to our smoothies does make them more satisfying when “on-the-go”.

After experimenting with my favorite vanilla and tropical flavors, I turned to chocolate. (What took me so long?) 😉 I tried the chocolate powder and created this Chunky Monkey Smoothie recipe, now in Plant-Powered Families.

Chunky Monkey Smoothie

…and then used it in these Protein-Power Balls (also in PPF)…

Protein Power Balls

I use the vanilla and tropical Vega powders in a couple of other PPF recipes as well. Given my love for Vega, and use in PPF, it seemed a natural fit to bundle a giveaway of my Plant-Powered Families cookbook with some of my favorite Vega products.

The cool cool folks at Vega agreed, and we have put together a fine prize pack for you!

The winner of this giveaway will receive:

1 Large Tub of Vega One Vanilla
1 Tub of Protein & Greens Tropical (my fave!)
1 Tub Vega Sport Mocha Protein
1 Box Dark Chocolate Mixed Nuts & Sea Salt Snack Bars – (these are dangerously good!)
2 BPA-free Shaker Cups (we have these and love ’em)
1 copy of Plant-Powered Families

Giveaway of VEGA bundle and Plant-Powered Families cookbook

This Vega bundle is valued at over $200! 

Lucky for us, the folks at Vega are super cool and offering not just this giveaway, but also giving us plant-powered families 20% off plus FREE shipping on any orders until August 2nd in their online store (you won’t get a better discount than this).

To get the 20% off and free shipping, enter this code at checkout: PPFamilies 

Here’s the link again to their online store: Vega e-store. I’m stoked, I’ll be ordering myself – and have my eye on this tee. :)

Take advantage of this sweet deal. and then enter to win this enter prize pack below. Tell us which Vega product you love the most – or which you’re most keen to try!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I have not received monetary compensation to post this discount and giveaway with Vega. I simply love Vega products, and Vega is supporting my work with this offer and gift bundle. Thank you, Vega!

Mango-Hemp Dressing (vegan, gluten-free, oil-free)

I’m loving big lunch salads now. It’s been especially hot through June and July in BC, excepting the last couple of days. Far more heat and sun than usual this time of year. So, I’m digging lots of fresh salads, along with more fresh fruit (in and out of salads)!

I’m guessing many of you are in the same dietary mode, as I get a lot of feedback on my salad dressings. Especially my oil-free sauces and dressings. I’ve learned a few tricks over the last few years for making tasty, healthy salad dressings – and with many flavor variations.

I still plan to bring you that salad dressings ebook. For sure! Things have been busy with book promotion that I’m not quite organized enough to pull together the ebook – just yet. So, I wanted to share a recipe that some of you already have. It was one of the 15 recipes that was a gift for preorders of PPF. I do plan to honor that “gift” and not blog all of the recipes – but this one is particularly special and seasonal. Hopefully those of you that did preorder won’t be upset that I share some salad luv right now.

Couple of notes: Do not overdo the shallots or green onions. Just a hint of flavor is best. Also, I use frozen mango, which can be tricky to measure. Don’t sweat an *exact* measure. You can always adjust to taste after. Finally… enjoy!

x Dreena

Mango-Hemp Dressing by Dreena Burton #vegan #wholefoods #plantbased #glutenfree #oilfree #dairyfree

Mango-Hemp Dressing

link to print/share

I keep frozen mango on hand for morning smoothies. One day I wanted a fruity, fresh dressing so pulled out the frozen mango. This dressing came to life and will bring new life to your daily salads! Makes about 1 cup.

3/4 cup mango chunks (ok to measure roughly, I use frozen)
2 tbsp hemp seeds
2 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice or red wine vinegar
1/4 cup water (+ 2–3 tsp or more if desired to thin out)
1/2 tbsp chopped shallots or 1 tbsp of the whitish portion of green onions
1–2 tbsp pure maple syrup or agave nectar (or more to taste, as needed)
1/2 tsp dijon mustard
1/2 tsp sea salt
freshly ground black pepper to taste

In a blender, puree all ingredients (starting with 1/4 cup water and 1 tbsp maple syrup) until very smooth. Taste, and add additional water to thin as desired, and extra maple syrup to sweeten if needed.

Note: I like the flavor of this dressing just as it is. But, if you’d like to pair this with some spicy foods or add a punch of flavor, try adding in 1–2 tbsp chopped cilantro or basil while pureeing.

Kid note: Our girls enjoy this dressing. You can opt to omit the green onions/shallots, but it’s such a small amount that kiddos usually are okay with it.

photo credit: Nicole Axworthy

Why We Shouldn’t Eat Meat and Dairy: From 10 Year-Old

Why We Shouldn't Eat Meat Or Dairy - from a 10 year old

With school coming to a close this week, I want to share something pretty remarkable that took place this year.

In the spring, our 10 year old, Bridget, came to me after school about speeches taking place in her class. The conversation went something like this:

B: Mom, we are doing speeches in our class and get to pick our own topic.

Me: Ok, well, what do you think you’d like to talk about?

B: I already know. I want to talk about why people shouldn’t eat meat and dairy.

I paused for a minute. Then I replied “Are you sure?? We can think of other ideas?

In other words, I wasn’t sure. While we talk about many aspects of food at home, I don’t expect our girls to be activists in school or with their friends. I don’t ask them to preach the values of a plant-based diet. But this came up entirely organically for her. Despite my questioning her readiness, she was certain. She was passionate to share why she felt, in her heart, why people shouldn’t eat meat and dairy.

She presented her speech to her class, and was then chosen to present her speech to the school and parents.

I’m posting her speech for you to read and share:

Good morning / afternoon teachers and fellow students!

Raise your hand if you eat meat or dairy. Raise your hand if you think you have to eat meat and dairy to be healthy.

My name is Bridget, and today I’m going to share 3 important reasons not to eat meat and dairy: our health, the environment, and animals.

Meat and dairy are not good for us like people think. Studies have shown that our biggest health problems are linked to eating meat and dairy – including heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. We don’t need to eat meat or dairy, we can get all the nutrition we need in other foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, and grains. Not only can you be healthier without eating meat and dairy, it is also better for our environment, and kinder to animals that share our world.

In order for us to eat meat and dairy, animals have to be raised in factory farms. These are not farms with grass and sunshine. Instead, animals are kept in buildings that are factories, and people are cruel to the animals. Animals suffer and are tortured every day of their lives on these farms. On milk farms, baby cows are even torn away from their moms so the mommy cows can produce milk. If they don’t produce enough milk they kill the cows. The baby cows never see their mothers again.

Eating meat and milk products is also bad for our environment. We all want to do things like recycle, and use less water to help our environment. But, the one thing that makes the MOST difference? How much meat and dairy we eat. Consider this: skipping just one burger saves enough water to drink for 3 months!

Chickens, pigs, and cows feel and love just the same as animals like cats and dogs. They bond with other animals, and with people too. They value their lives just as much as we do, and they feel pain just as we do. If people treated our cats and dogs the way cows and chickens are treated on factory farms, they would be arrested! Yet, we eat these animals every day, but we would never imagine eating our dog or cat.

I have been raised without meat and dairy. I’m healthy, happy, and just like other kids. I eat pizza, hot dogs, burgers, ice cream, and so many other delicious foods, without any meat or milk! Every time we make a choice not to eat animals, it helps our health, our planet, and the animals. Please think about this. Thank you.

She asked if she could wear the “Plant-Powered” t-shirt for her speech. I didn’t encourage that one, either! Here she is on her way out the door that morning…


…and here she is delivering her speech to the school (see the raised hands?)



As a parent, we wonder whether our children are receiving the lessons and messages we are communicating. When days are tough, we feel our efforts are wasted, or that we are doing a terrible job as a mother or father. Then, we have moments where we see our children blossoming, developing into their own person. We see their heart, their courage, their care, their beautiful spirit.

This was one of those moments for me. Bridget feels more compassion about animals than any of our daughters. It’s just “in” her. She wants to free every bug or fly that enters our home, and she wants to start an animal rescue this summer… at our house! (We’ll talk about that one, lol.) But, this child has a heart for animals. More than I ever impressed upon her or ever expected. She was proud to present this speech, and I was beyond proud to listen to her.

Who knows, next year we may revolutionize hot lunch. Baby steps. :)

Feel free to share this speech! 

x Dreena

Top 5 Vegan Father’s Day Recipes


With end-0f-year field trips and recitals, Father’s Day has snuck up on me this year! I have one day to pull things together, so going to start with planning a favorite plant-powered dish for Dad’s day. I will definitely be choosing one or more of these…

Top 5 Father’s Day recipes:

1) Creamy Artichoke Spinach Dip

A creamy vegan artichoke dip made withOUT vegan cheese substitutes, all whole foods! Artichoke Spinach Dip - by Dreena Burton, Plant-Powered Kitchen #vegan #glutenfree
This may be a “top 5″ recipe for just about any occasion. Definitely loved by the dad in this house!

2) Jerk Chickpeas

Jerk Chickpeas #vegan
If the dad in your life loves spicy dishes, serve up these chickpeas. Over a grain, or in a wrap – with avocado, please!

3) Nutty Veggie Burgers

Nutty Veggie Burgers #vegan
I know it’s cliche to offer up burgers as a Father’s Day meal, but in my house, they really are a hit – and this recipe hits all the marks for flavor and texture. Our “he-gan” also loves these Mushroom Pecan.

3) Thai Chick-Un Pizza

Thai Chick-Un Pizza #vegan
It’s fun, it’s flavorful! If you love the vegan cheese, add a sprinkle of that too.

5) Creamy Fettucine

Creamy Fettucine #vegan
This is one of my new recipes, from Plant-Powered Families. But, you can nab the recipe here.

Wait. No dessert?!

You know me better than that. :)

My top 5 Father’s Day desserts:

1) 5-minute, 5-ingredient Chocolate Gelato: Dessert doesn’t get much easier than this!

5-minute, 5-ingredient Chocolate Gelato by Dreena Burton #vegan #glutenfree #dairyfree

2) Chocolate Sweet Potato Cake with Chocolate Sweets Frosting

Chocolate Sweet Potato Cake + Chocolate Sweets Frosting #vegan #wfpb
So, if you haven’t made this dessert from PPF yet, you really need to! It’s the perfect chocolate cake for dad.

3. Raw Strawberry Pie

Raw Strawberry Pie from Let Them Eat Vegan
If your dad would like a non-chocolate dessert, this one is positively gorgeous and delicious!

4) Chai Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Chai Peanut Butter Ice Cream #vegan
If you have an ice cream maker, and your guy love PB, this one is a winner! (Try serving with the milk chocolate sauce from Plant-Powered Families!)

5) Cookies

Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chip Cookies #vegan #oilfree
We’ve gotta’ have a few cookies for dad! These Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chip Cookies from PPF are oil-free and dynamite! Couple of other ideas: Nummy Brownie Bites, Snifferdoodles and my classic Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Happy Dad’s Day!

What are you making for the special dad in your life?

x Dreena


Bananascotch Pudding


It feels like I haven’t posted in weeks! I thought things would settle down after my signing, but it continues to be very busy. End-of-year is always busy at school (right mamas?) and I’m still pretty active with the book release.

"Bananascotch" Pudding by Dreena Burton #vegan #glutenfree #wholefoods #plantbased

Plus, last weekend I was away for Ottawa VegFest! It was incredible, I’ll share some pics and details in my next post. For now, I want to share a new vegan recipe with you.

This one is very easy. It was another recipe I had intended for PPF, but the puddings section was amply filled. My testers loved this plant-based pudding. The ingredients are ones we usually have right on hand, and with a quick blender blitz: a pudding that is a cross between… banana pudding and butterscotch pudding!

"Bananascotch" Pudding by Dreena Burton #vegan #glutenfree #wholefoods #plantbased

Bananascotch Pudding 

link to print/share recipe

This pudding tastes like a cross between butterscotch and banana! It’s incredibly quick and easy to make, and kids love it for dipping fruit, slathering on waffles or pancakes, or eating straight up as pudding.

2/3 cup soaked and drained cashews (soak for 3-4 hours, drain fully)
1/2 cup overripe banana, sliced
3-4 tbsp coconut sugar (adjust to taste)
1/8 scant tsp sea salt
3/4 cup plain non-dairy yogurt
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract or seeds from 1/2 vanilla bean

Blend cashews, banana, 3 tbsp of coconut sugar, sea salt, yogurt, and vanilla in a blender. If using a high-speed blender, this will take just a minute or two. With a standard blender, you will need to scrape down the blender a few times and work the mixture. Taste, and add more coconut sugar if desired. Serve immediately. Serves 2-3

Serving Suggestions: Serve with fresh fruit, or top portions with shredded coconut or chopped nuts. Also, try layering with plain or vanilla non-dairy yogurt and granola in parfait cups!

Enjoy, guys! Before I sign off, below are some recent reviews, giveaways, and features of Plant-Powered Families. If you are loving the book, would you take a minute to add a review on amazon? Thanks!

x Dreena

Bits and Bites
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News! and Ottawa VegFest!


Hi friends!

I had hoped to share a recipe with you this week, but I’ve been preparing for a trip. I don’t travel often, and wow, there’s so much to coordinate!

I’ll be at Ottawa VegFest this year! If you’re planning to attend, I’ll be doing two talks:

1. Building a Plant-Powered Pantry – Saturday morning, 10:15 am
2. Plant-Powered Families – Sunday morning, 10:15 am


I’ll also be signing books after both talks, you can get full details of the festival here.

Speaking of books… I heard from my publisher today that Plant-Powered Families has already hit a reprint! I have all of you to thank for embracing this book and supporting my work. ♥ If you don’t have your copy yet, you can order online through Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books-A-Million | IndieBound | Indigo, or pick up at any local bookstore (if they aren’t stocking the book, please ask them to bring it in).

NEW! Plant-Powered Families cookbook by Dreena Burton

If you already own PPF and you’re loving it, please consider leaving a few good words on amazon. I sincerely appreciate the reviews many of you have already contributed!

I’ll share that recipe once I return from Ottawa. Until then a few recent reviews, giveaways, and recipe features that you can catch up on…

Bits and Bites:

The Blender Girl review and recipe for Creamy Fettucine
Kathy Patalsky of Healthy, Happy Life review, giveaway, and recipe for Cinnamon French Toast
Love Fed review, giveaway, and recipe for Savory Chickpea Omelets
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Veg Kitchen recipe for Polenta Pizza Crust
Pure Thyme review, giveaway, and recipe for Artichoke Sunflower Burgers with Tzatziki Sauce and No-Bake Granola Bars
Taste Space review and recipe for Chickpea Nibbles
Vegan Mainstream review and Q&A
Heartwise Ministries Radio Interview

Photos: Plant-Powered Families Book Signing

Last weekend was my first book signing for Plant-Powered Families – at MeeT restaurant. MeeT has only been open since last August, and is already a wildly popular vegan and gluten-free restaurant in Vancouver. If you are local, you must get in for some delicious plant-powered food!

Today I thought I’d share some photos from the event…

We had a gorgeous sunny Saturday morning, stacking up the books:

Plant-Powered Families Book Signing - MeeT Restaurant

Putting out the food samples, we had Crazy Brownies, Red Lentil Hummus, Southwest Quinoa Salad, and Almond Zen Granola (all from PPF, of course).

Plant-Powered Families Book Signing - MeeT Restaurant

Our eldest daughter (Charlotte) helping set out the food. Those of you that have Vive le Vegan from 2004 – yep, that’s her!

Plant-Powered Families book signing

Crazy Brownies moment. Make them, k? They are quickly becoming one of the ‘hot’ recipes in PPF.

Crazy Brownies from Plant-Powered Families book signing

Squeezing in some of my other titles….

Plant-Powered Families book signing

SURPRISE! Elsa made an appearance. Yes, Frozen still alive and well in our household.


Where is that recipe?…

Plant-Powered Families Book signing

Catching up with Laura Simonson, and meeting Anna Pelzer

Plant-Powered Families book signing

Signing books…

Plant-Powered Famlies Book Signing

Meeting beautiful local mamas Tara and Denise (from our Plant-Powered Families FB group)…


um, I think Denise and I are sisters separated at birth…


Funny side-story: I come from a family of 6 girls, all with “D” names. Denise has 4 daughters, all “D” names. Whaaaaat? Right?!!

and Tara wins the FABULOUS Hippie Foods door prize!

Hippie Foods Prize awarded! At Plant-Powered Families book signing

After the event, I settle in with the fam for a delicious lunch at MeeT. Elsa joined us. 😉


And, MeeT surprised us with lunch ‘on the house’! Awesome. We love this place.



Thanks to MeeT for hosting my signing. Thanks to my family for supporting me, as always. And, thanks to those of you that joined us for the fun.

Have you been to MeeT restaurant? What’s your favorite menu item?

photo thanks to Jackie Picard :)

Blendtec Designer 725 Series + Twister Jar Giveaway!


So I planned to post this giveaway last week, as a follow-up to my Mother’s Day recipes. You know that saying “your eyes are bigger than your stomach”? … Well, I guess my plans were bigger than my presence.

With the official release of my book, and preparing for my book signing (photos coming), fitting in a blog post was far too much for this author/mama-of-three last week. I think it’s for the best anyhow. Because us mamas should have more than one day a year to be acknowledged for all that we do! Right? I say we celebrate ourselves every month. Let’s start with a chance to win a Blendtec!

Plant-Powered Families Cookbook Release Blendtec Giveaway!

You guys know I love my Blendtec. I’ve talked about it many, many times. In Plant-Powered Families, I make a lot of use of both my Blendtec and food processor. Prepping family meals is a great deal easier with these appliances, and I use my Blendtec the most. Every day. Often 2-3 times a day. Green smoothies in the wildside every morning for the family. Later, I often use the wildside again for sauce mixes (like Mac-Oh Geez or Creamy Fettucine from PPF), or I use the twister jar for all sorts of blends like salad dressings, chia puddings, vegan cheese blends and more.

Blendtec is helping me celebrate the release of Plant-Powered Families by providing one of you with an incredible prize… a Designer 725 blender and the Twister Jar!

Blendtec Designer 725 Series GIVEAWAY!

Blendtec Twister Jar - Blendtec GIVEAWAY! Thank you Blendtec for providing this prize to one of my very lucky readers. Enter below, kids!

Bits and Bites, some reviews and press for Plant-Powered Families:
Kim Lutz shares her review and the recipe for No-Bake Granola Bars.
The Humane Society shares recipe for Artichoke Sunflower Burgers.
Yahoo! Canada: interview for article on picky eaters.
Michaela Ballman shares her review and the recipe for Cheesy Caesar Salad.
Nicole Axworthy (my photographer for PPF) shares her favorite recipes!
Alisa Fleming shares her review and the recipe for Creamy Fettucine.
Wendy Polisi shares her review and the recipe for Ta-Quinos.
Stephanie Weaver shares the recipe for White Bean Guacamole.
Don’t Lose The Cow review and Skype interview.

p.s. If you are enjoying PPF, please leave a lil’ review luv on Amazon. 💚


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Video: Plant-Powered Families Releases Today!


Today is the official release of Plant-Powered Families! I’ve made a brief video to talk about the book, and also to thank you for your ongoing support.

Few notes from the video:

I’ll keep it short today. I have a whole lotta’ house to clean up here. Been a busy week with wee girl’s birthday party and getting ready to for the book launch.

My gratitude, once again, to all of you for your support and community over the years. And, my thanks to the incredible team at BenBella Books for helping me bring this book to print. <3

x Dreena