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Feeding Vegan Children: A Plant-Powered Series

Most of you know that I don’t post many personal details about our children on my blog.  I’ve discussed it here.  I occasionally share photos (as with today’s post) that show them as part of our family, but without identifying their faces and features.  For the most part, I like to keep them anonymous so that… Continue Reading

Pecan Date Nibblers (with “Dreena & Daughters” video!)

Hello my plant-powered buddies!  You get a “2 for 1″ special today.  First, my recipe for Pecan Date Nibblers from LTEV (which are oil-free, sugar-free, and have a gluten-free option), AND you get to see this recipe in the making. So, today instead of typing – I’ll let you watch me talking!   Pecan Date… Continue Reading

Manly-Man Veggie Burgers for Father’s Day and “hegans”

Post preamble: My father passed away when I was young (I talked about it in this post), so Father’s Day is very meaningful for me.  My children are blessed to have a father that is most loving and selflessly devoted – and I am equally blessed to have him as my husband.  So, celebrate the good… Continue Reading

NEW! Cinnamon Cookie Dough Bars (and photos of LTEV signing at Chapters)

I have a new recipe for you today, these yumbo bumbo Cinnamon Cookie Dough Bars… But first, thought I’d show a few pictures from my book signing at Chapters this past weekend.  My girlfriend Vicki was good enough to snap some pics – thanks my dear friend! ♥ First up, the table shot – the flowers… Continue Reading

Short and Sweet: Creamed Cheese Brownies with Salted Dark Chocolate Topping

  Who am I kidding?  There’s nothing short about that recipe name!  But it IS sweet!  And this post will be short. Together: short and sweet! Short post today because I’ve been up to my plant-powered eyeballs all week: prepping food samples for my book launch at Chapters tomorrow, preparing for in-laws visiting, and planning for… Continue Reading

Ch-Ch Chocolate Coconut Ch-Ch-Chia Pudding!

  I know.  The “ch-ch-ch-CHIA” thing has gotten old.  But, it’s so hard to resist using it!  So I use it here – just the once. If you aren’t familiar with chia seeds, they are itty bitty seeds that pack a nutritional punch!  Reported to have the richest and most stable source of omega 3′s, chia… Continue Reading

Creamy Artichoke Spinach Dip (without the junk)

If you have LTEV, you’re probably well aware of my love for all things saucy and dippy! I have a whole chapter devoted to them in that book. Indeed, I often say I’m saucy. Just don’t call me dippy. And, I do believe I have made some form of artichoke dip or spread in each… Continue Reading

Wildside Jar for green smoothies, thick and nut-based sauces and dessert purees. I use mine 1-2x/day.

Twister Jar is the BEST for healthy, homemade salad dressings and sauces

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